Archive for May 30th, 2008

Last night I was talking to a dear friend of mine and we got to talking about spirituality and the church. It brought up an old concept I had spent some time on a few years back that I call the “Jedi Error”.

It was a couple summers back and I had gone to visit the church Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis. I was excited to go because I had seen a special on TV about some churches that had been reaching the post modern community in unique ways and their church was one of the ones highlighted. I clicked with the things their pastor and church folks were saying about community and their church. Also I was on a quest to find other like minded Christians in ministry that our little old church could associate with. After emailing back and forth with Doug Paggit, the church pastor, I was thankful to be well received and welcomed to spend a week with them. To add to the great timing, their church was hosting the Emergent Summer Institute. I had heard of Emergent, knew that Doug was one of the main voices of the “association” and wanted to know if I would find a home there.


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