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For those who have been around awhile, you have been subjected to my endless ramblings on the Emergent community, emerging church, conservative church and the like. Not just on this site, but in other on-line communities I am involved in. My on-going conversation about the dangerous teachings of the leading voices of Emergent and the concern of the non-loving bashing way that ultra conservatives can act that fuel the flame sometimes.

However, I have come across a book that nails the topic better than any of my feeble attempts called “Why We’re Not Emergent (By two Guys Who Should Be). This book is a great introduction into the conversation that is a must read on any list.

The only thing I would prefer in the book that the introduction promised I would not find is the lack of addressing the difference of Emergent the group and the concept of emerging churches. I still see a very distinct difference between the two while also conceding that there are sweeping similarities. I was afraid the book would throw all emerging churches under the bus as I have seen done before.

My fears were quickly dismissed as I continued to read the book. I agree that trying to address that minor point would be too difficult to dance around instead of focusing on the real topics at hand. The book is a true balance of truth and love with a little fun mixed in to boot.

I know many of you have two or three books going at a given time so I don’t mean to add on. However, my suggestion is this, unless that book is the Bible, put it down for another day and dive into this. Great book!

Get it here! 

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