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Going to take a week long break from the internet… I’ll be back soon! Blessings!

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OK, this is where I will get myself in trouble. Yes, I get some spirited talk when I talk about my concerns within Emergent but I take real, local hits whenever I dive into the “Too Conservative” topic. I take a risk that some in my home town will see me as watering down their understanding of the Word. Not that I haven’t been talked about or talked at before but it’s always a different twist when it’s local instead of abroad.


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I have come across a blog that I find very interesting. I have a lot more readng to do to get a better feel for where the author is coming from but it has caught my interest enough to keep going back.

The blog is called “Unmasking the goddess: a Christ follower looks into goddess spirituality”

If you are a pagan or a Chrsitian wanted to understand the pagan belief better, this may be of interest to you.

I will give you a link to get started to a blog entitled “Why I’m a Christian, Not a Witch“. It will give you a basic understanding of the author’s personal beliefs but if you a pagan, don’t write her off due to the title. I think you may be surprised by her blogs.

Another interesting blog series of her’s is “So a goddess-centered pagan and a Chritian sat down to talk…..” where she and a pagan women dialouge in a respectful, loving way. Very insightful.

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Well, I covered the two main issues I noticed the week I spent with Doug Pagitt, Solomon’s Porch, and Emergent. So now, onto a minor. Now this topic will have to do more with Doug Pagitt who is one of the leading voices of Emergent than Emergent as a whole.

I know several who care more about debating some of this stuff out will want to debate the history of preaching and it’s role in the church. Some may even be tempted to start a campaign about how too many churches worship the pastor over God and this needs called out. This is not what this blog is about. It is some observations that due to the above stated concerns, some may rebel to the far other opposite to where they also offer a negative output.


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The group from Indiana is on the road home and it has been a great week!

Here’s some final pics from yesturday’s trip up north to Lake Erie and Cedar Point! Thanks to everyone from Methodist Temple, our youth, the people from church that helped out, Faith and Donnie Inman, Kurt at the Marion Star, Grandma Sue and Sebastian’s House, and everyone in the community who received us so well. Blessings!

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OK, just a quick note. The Marion Star (our local paper) was kind enough to do a story about the mission team being in. Though I was a little “misquoted”, Kirk always does a great job with all the information he gets in the interviews.

If you’re interested, you can see it here.

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I will get back to my normal blogging after this week but for now I want to give you a mission trip update.

The combined youth groups hit the road yesterday morning to head to a local nursing home. They helped with bingo and went room to room visiting with senior citizens who normally don’t have many guests. I was happy to hear one of our 11 year old say to me last night that visiting with a couple older ladies was one of the favorite things she has ever done. She shared her story with me about their challenges and how much they enjoyed the kids coming to visit.


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Mission Trip

Well our week continues with our new friends from Methodist Temple who are in to do missions in Marion.

Yesturday they did projects around the church and today they moved a large part of the group to Sebastian’s House. They got to meet Sebastian and do some landscapping and worked on painting the garage. Here’s some pics to catch you up!



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The following is a post by Emergent leader, Tony Jones. You can find the orignal at Belief Net.

“I had a long chat with a reporter yesterday. She’s writing a story for News 21 about the changes afoot among “evangelical” voters in the coming election. I put scare quotes around “evangelical” because much of our conversation revolved around the usefulness of that term.

In short, I find the term “evangelical” almost completely unhelpful.


 Here’s why: to most evangelicals – at least those who’ve been to a Bible college, a Christian college, seminary, or been involved in the leadership of an evangelical ministry (e.g., Young Life, Campus Crusade, FCA, InterVarsity) – “evangelical” is a theological category. It represents what one believes about the Bible, about Jesus, about salvation, and about the afterlife.

But to the mainstream media, “evangelical” is a cultural category. One is an “evangelical” based on whom you vote for, whether you listen to Christian radio, shop at Christian bookstores, contribute to evangelical ministries, and vote for certain candidates.

So there’s a great disconnect.

When doing our PhD work at Princeton, my friend Andy Root and I were reading lots of sociological work on evangelicals in America. Andy suggested that instead of the usual sociological markers like whether one considers oneself “born again” or attends an “evangelical” church, we would put together a list of fifty items, including

Chuck Swindoll
Christianity Today
Young Life
Youth for Christ
James Dobson
Wheaton College

Respondants would check any of these names, organizations, and periodicals with which they affiliate, and they would receive a score. Then we would determine a threshold and, if your score is above that threshold, you are an “evangelical.” At least that would make journalists, sociologists, and pollsters happy.

Evangelicals themselves, however, would still be unsatisfied. As the recent Evangelical Manifesto attests, evangelicals still want to be classified theologically. Too bad that document didn’t get nearly the media play that I assume they hoped for…”

Not to boil it too much down to a side point but this was my response.

“Whatever you want to do with “labels”…..Am I the only one who finds it ironic that the person who takes a jab at the “evangelical” were hoping to get media coverage (as if they were doing it more to be in the press than to stand for their beliefs) is the same guy who started his blog by saying he working with a reporter as part of a news story (I assume he MAY be mentioned in that story?).

Kind of a pot calling the kettle black?”

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Just a quick FYI….We have a group of 22 in from a church named Methodist Temple from Evansville, Indiana. Most are Junior Highers plus 5 adult supervisors which are sleeping at our church and doing mission projects arounf the Marion, Ohio area. They will be doing work projects around the church grounds, helping at Solomon’s Porch, doing some evangelism, visiting a nursing home and more.

They came in last night and I only got to talk them for about an hour. However today was a great day getting to know them better. After church, we all had a huge cookout and I was on Hotdog grilling duty while others ate up! Then I did a little R&R while watching the kids play games in the field.

Tonight was youth group with our two groups mixed together bringing our total to about 40 people. We jammed in some more games, about a 45 minutre discussion on Compassion, and then pizza and hanging out. It felt more like camp then our normal youth group set up.

Well, between work and hanging with our new friends, it may be hard to keep up with blogging so I may do a wrap up blog about the week with pics next weekend. It’s going to be a great week! Blessings….

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