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Hey all, I’m back with part two of a who knows how long series of blogs on my visit with Solomon’s Porch and Emergent’s Summer Institute a few years back. This visit served as my introduction to Emergent as I described in the first blog a few days back.

For this post, I want to dive into my conversations on the topic of homosexuality. Now before I get too far, I want to say up front to my ultra conservative friends and my emergent friends that my moderate view on this topic will probably not be what you wish my belief to be. On other forums, I have taken hits from both sides not happy with my stance. I can live with that, however, I believe my position is founded in Biblical truth and love in how I carry myself in that conviction. I won’t spend a lot of time describing all of my thoughts on this topic as you can find it in the blog entitled homosexuality if you wish. For the sake of this blog, let’s just now that my belief that there is a sinful element to homosexuality made me seem like “ultra conservative boy” at the Summer Institute.


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