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Just a quick FYI….We have a group of 22 in from a church named Methodist Temple from Evansville, Indiana. Most are Junior Highers plus 5 adult supervisors which are sleeping at our church and doing mission projects arounf the Marion, Ohio area. They will be doing work projects around the church grounds, helping at Solomon’s Porch, doing some evangelism, visiting a nursing home and more.

They came in last night and I only got to talk them for about an hour. However today was a great day getting to know them better. After church, we all had a huge cookout and I was on Hotdog grilling duty while others ate up! Then I did a little R&R while watching the kids play games in the field.

Tonight was youth group with our two groups mixed together bringing our total to about 40 people. We jammed in some more games, about a 45 minutre discussion on Compassion, and then pizza and hanging out. It felt more like camp then our normal youth group set up.

Well, between work and hanging with our new friends, it may be hard to keep up with blogging so I may do a wrap up blog about the week with pics next weekend. It’s going to be a great week! Blessings….

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