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I have come across a blog that I find very interesting. I have a lot more readng to do to get a better feel for where the author is coming from but it has caught my interest enough to keep going back.

The blog is called “Unmasking the goddess: a Christ follower looks into goddess spirituality”

If you are a pagan or a Chrsitian wanted to understand the pagan belief better, this may be of interest to you.

I will give you a link to get started to a blog entitled “Why I’m a Christian, Not a Witch“. It will give you a basic understanding of the author’s personal beliefs but if you a pagan, don’t write her off due to the title. I think you may be surprised by her blogs.

Another interesting blog series of her’s is “So a goddess-centered pagan and a Chritian sat down to talk…..” where she and a pagan women dialouge in a respectful, loving way. Very insightful.

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