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I want to put out an invite to you if you have any interest on some of the topics I babble about. I want to invite you to check out the discussion boards of Revolution. I have no affiliation with the Revolution church. A matter of fact, I agree with some of their stands, not of their others, and have never been to any of their churches.

However, hardly any one on this discussion board has any affiliation with Revolution. It is just different people from different areas talking about all kinds of issues. When it comes to labels, we are a full house (Conservative, liberals, homosexual, straight, Christians, seekers, and the like). While we do have are occasional goof, overall, this is the one place I have found were you can talk through struggles and differences in love without the muck and mire of everywhere else. I have been part of this community for a year and a half now and have been blessed by my friends there.

If anyone from Rev is reading this, know this…I am in your debt. I am thankful for all the discussion, instruction, and love that I have found there as one of the token conservatives. Many of you have become vital friends and mentors to me and I pray I have blessed you in some meager way. Thank you my friends……

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The Jedi Error is a concept to me for the last couple years, ever since my visit to Emergent’s Summer Institute. While it originally was a sermon, I also turned it into a blog. You can read more about it there but the basic principle is taking one of the positive elements of Emergent, having conversations, and calling to the ultra conservatives that they could learn from this. Often, the ultra conservative church is not the best at letting people struggle, doubt, and ask questions without judgement. I believe the Word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit (not one or the other) are strong enough to handle our struggles so we don’t need to be scared to enter into the muck together. Struggle through any situation in the light of the Word and you will be a more loving and stronger person for it.

OK, that said, I have an update on this topic that saddens me. As I continue to talk with people within the Emergent community, read writings of leading voices in the Emergent community, and study more of the latest books and events of Emergent, I must say it appears that Emergent is losing the art of the one main thing I loved about them. The conversation circle appears to be smaller and smaller to only include people that agree with them and becoming more hostile to those who do not.


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