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As I have been having my own little battle of stress, I came across a verse that has been a staple for me during this season. As many of you know, we have been seeking God’s will for the Christian bookstore we opened several years back. It is a needed ministry here in our little town but my heart is not there anymore. My heart is with my family time and the ministry at our church. I can see that our business is struggling from my lack of vision and don’t know what to do about it.

At the same time, I can see a lot that God is doing to prove He is moving. There are two lovely ladies considering buying the store. I believe they are the very vision and ministry hearts that will save the store but we are all seeing where God’s provision is coming from. Other encouragements have been there as well; a $100 donation from a stranger to our store, a staff member donating one week’s pay back to the store, a local church thinking to supporting the store as a mission project, help from family, prayers of many, and words of encouragement from customers. There are many signs that put evidence to God being in control. None the less, my natural mindset is to “run the numbers” and to find the plan to make it all work. This takes sleep away. This takes nights focused on my family away. This takes God’s peace away from me.


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