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I am hesitant to start writing this post. Not because I am leary of what people will think of it. That’s no real concern at all. Those who will take issue with it, will take issue with most anything I write. Those who enjoy ignoring the heart of a post and try to find one sentence here or one sentence there and pick a fight with it will do so no matter what I write. Then there will be those who love what I have to say as if it is something new and fresh when really I am just one of many who feel this way. No, the reason I am hesitant has to do with my concern of not representing my feelings as clearly as I think they should be. I’m a babbler which is challenge number one. Also, this is a vital issue that has many levels. These two concerns are  a recipe for disaster but I want to give it a shot anyways.

The Church (capital C) is the body of Christ. In modern day America, it’s had a disease. I highly doubt that anyone is going to argue against that part. Where the controversy comes into play is what different people diagnose the illness to be. For some, we have gotten away from that old time religion. For others, we are holding onto past traditions that have no Biblical basis and holding onto them as idols. There are many vocal champions that will say it is because the church cares to much about theology and judgment. Still others, think it’s a watering down of truth to be all mushy in a version of love that negates accountability. Everyone who has an opinion of what church should look like will say the problem is those in the body who do not see things as they do. It’s a non ending cycle that keeps the vocal Christians debating, the quiet ones hiding in their pews once a week, and those who don’t know Jesus from seeing any reason to want to get into the middle of the whole mess.


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