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Many people are not involved in a Christian community for a multitude of reasons (including lack of belief, tired of hypocritical Christians, have been hurt by a church or a pastor, and so on). This is no different in our little city of Marion, Ohio than it is any place else. I wish I had some kind of magic answer to share with people to show the difference a real Christian community can make in your life but I don’t. I had to find it myself while working through my own issues with my church experiences. I understand the frustration, pain, and challenges many people in this boat feel. However, when I saw the life of the Jesus Christ of the Scriptures, I was convinced there was something more than what I had experienced in my church past. Once I found it, it was worth going through all the beauty and challenges of a real community committed to being real with one another. It is out there. It may be hard to find sometimes but it is out there and worth finding.

In my case, I found it in The Shepherd’s Fellowship, a church several of us started about 5 years ago. Maybe it can be a community for you as well (if not, touch base with us and we’ll help you find another home in the area).  I do know it can be tough to try something new so I thought I’d let you know about some upcoming events and some things we are celebrating that may be of interest to you. In the same way, if you have a question or want to talk some, feel free to contact me by going to our church website and go through the staff page.


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