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(UPDATE: Seriously…. this has got to be one of the lamest posts I have ever written but still gets the most views =) If you want something of more substance, you may want to check out this one. However, if you are dead set on this little lame post… enjoy!)

For the most part, the people I have known who have grown older, have done so in a graceful way. They become a little more at peace, enjoy the grandkids, get a little frustrated by retirement, and tend to have a peaceful way about them. However, I have noticed that several folks on TV when they grow older, get a little mean.


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Interesting Holy Week Plan

I got this this morning from a friend and thought it was interesting enough to share….

Sunday:  Welcome God into your home.

Monday:  clean your house (cleanse your house of anything unpleasing to God).

Tuesday:  Ephe 1:15  Honoring the Lord’s authority by declaring His lordship and submitting your life to Him.

Wednesday:  Honor Him through His word by gathering with friends and family for a Bible Study.

Thursday:  Intercede for others; as Jesus was at the Garden praying we are to pray for others.

Friday:  Sacrifice to help someone else in some way.

Saturday:  Meditate on what God has done and prepare for Sunday.

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