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Prayer Day!

Hi guys, I wanted to send up an update on the upcoming 24 hours of prayer and fasting over Ths Shepherd’s Fellowship (this weekend)! A huge thank you to all who have signed up to help us so far as I think this is going to be a great event! For the updated schedule, just go to www.theshepherdsfellowship.org and click of the Prayer Day Info link!

If you would like to be a part of this event, please just email me or leave it in the commenst below and tell us what 15 minutes block or blocks you are willing to pray for our church and the participants of the church. Even if you do not attend our church but are interested in being an intercessor for us, we appreciate all of our brothers and sisters in Christ jumping in.

You do not have to pray at the church….you can pray from wherever you are!

 Thank you for standing with us! Again, any blocks of time not signed up for, Pastor Tom will cover in prayer but it is our hope to have as many in prayer and fasting over our church!

Blessings and Thanks!


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