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A couple more stories from the day at Catalyst….

First, we got in town and settled into the hotel (which we all agree is awesome especially for the price). We decided to utilize our time by stopping by the conference center to see if we could register early to beat the lines tommorow as 12.000 people head in for Catalyst. Thankfully, they said yes and we are good to go!

Well, during our visit, we had our first “brush with greatness” when we bumped into Worship Leader Aaron Key. Josh and I first experienced his gift in the area of music last year and have been listening to his CDs all year. As we approached Mr. Key, we quickly got Steve up to speed so we were all on level ground in case we talked to him. As we came into a 6 foot radius of him and the young, attractive woman he was speaking with… their conversation ended and Mr. Key turned to head the other way. Actually, not just head out but to do so in a very hurried way. There was extra speed in his step as we bounced down the escalator before us.


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We just left Cleveland, TN on a pit stop for lunch. This was the scene of my dumb move of the day…

Once in the resturant, I realized that it was quite chili sitting under the AC vent at Chili’s (ironic) so I borrowed Josh’s keys to go out to the car to get my fleece.

At the car, I realized I was not so skilled at his car clicker as I thought since it was not unlocking the back door. However, when I tried the driver’s door, it opened so I just leaned in and unlocked the doors manualy. Success, the back door finaly submitted and opened up.

As I leaned in to grab my fleece, a sight surprised me… What is Josh doing with all this police riot gear in his back seat?

Yep, I broke into the wrong car! A unmarked police car!

I quickly shut the door and walked briskly to the correct vehicle. I grabbed the fleece and headed back in to see if any of my coherts saw my mistake. As I moved along, I passed two larger built men with police badges on lanyards on thier way out to their car.

If I was just a minute behind, they would have come out while I was leaning in their car. Yikes!

I told the guys, it could have been worse. It could have been a k9 unit vehicle. Open door…growling dog….. Scared Tom

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Hi all! Steve, Josh and I are on the road! We’re heading to Catalyst in Atlanta, GA but we haven’t gotten too far yet. We are about 3 1/2 hours into our trip with about another 7 hours of drive time to go. We have gotten just far enough to start making lists of all the things we forgot to pack.

However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have some highlights yet….

– Steve got his first visit ever to Capotle. He was please and we were all stuffed!

– I found that I can’t pass Jeffersonville Outlet Stores without stopping in the Nautica store. Don’t worry honey, I didn’t buy ….. much!

– We found it funny that our hotel (see pic above) felt the need to advertise that you get free local calls AFTER they advertised that all long distance calls were free. OK, maybe you had to be there.

Anyways, we have started out and got more miles to attack today. Update at the destination……


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