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I woke up this morning to this head line “Interracial Couple Denied Marriage License in La.

Well, that grabbed my attention! How in the world could this happen in the U.S.? And I’m not alone…. It doesn’t take much to find many buzzing their disgust on this racist act and the oppression of the couple desiring to start their life together as husband and wife.

As I read the article, while the disgust was still there at the ignorant views of this gentleman, it did seem to me that the headline was doctored to get our emotional response more than to reflect the truth. It appears (and I could be wrong) that they were not denied a marriage license in the way that they could not get married in that county…the justice of the peace said he would not do the officiating himself due to his belief but any other pastor or justice could.

Now, I know that doesn’t make any of us less outraged by racism but I do think the point needs to be part of the discussion (if my understanding is correct)….


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