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Thou Shalt Not…

I was watching some church TV when I was flipping through channels last week and I happened across a preacher talking on the command “Thous Shalt Not Steal”. It was pretty interesting as he focused on different ways we steel from others besides the normal… I took  a candy bar from a grocery store when I was 12. He talked about how some steal when they spend time with someone else’s spouse in an inappropriate way. He talked about how we can steal from God but not giving of our tithes or time. We can steal from others their joy or fulfillment when we trash or dump on others.

But one that stood out to me because I see it so often is when he talked about when we steal from work. Not pens and other office supplies though that would apply but when we steal time and money from our employer by being on Facebook, taking long lunch and sneaking back in, or maybe even reading this blog when you are on the clock. We can justify it so easily but it is theft none the less.


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