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The Sacred Journey by Charles Foster

Let me start out by saying, I really wanted to like this book but alas, it was not meant to be.

Before I get to the things that bothered me, let me say the concept is one that I find appealing. God often calls us into journey, the wilderness, or as I like to call it, exile. There is great benefits to being in this raw place that drives us to such passionate faith. The quote from the book that jumped out to me and made a great Facebook status was “Physical pilgrimage involves bodies, blisters, hunger, and diarrhea. And it’s a Kingdom activity. It is accordingly one of the best prophylactic against, and cures for, one of the deadliest and most prevalent diseases crippling the church: Gnosticism. It is also effective against bigotry, self-righteousness, and angst.”

Sadly the details and focus of the point left it cold at that point. I felt the author was saying we were made to be nomads and settlers were bad using all kinds of Biblical examples of wanderers in the grace of God and evil settlers who blew it. Let’s not forgot that there is also a place for structure and establishment. The Israelites didn’t just wander because God liked it. They did so as punishment and to draw them closer to Him. His goal was the promised land all along.

Then I find another book with Emergent overtones….

– isn’t it cool how other religions have the same things as us and you can’t tell the difference. He plays a game with his church people on this that I find a little disturbing.
– He advocates us dropping the words “God” and “Christian” because they are tainted and go with cool words like “El Shaddai” and “Jesus Freak”. I never get this…. Why don’t we partner with non-Christians that we too are frustrated with the misuse and reclaim their meanings? Do you really think a non-Christian is going to think the renaming is cool and captivating or will they just think it’s white paint on an old fence?
– There are a few personalized paraphrasing of the Bible including Acts and the story of Able that I find disturbing…

I’ll stop there. I love the concept but not the points. Another quote in the book says “There are many books about pilgrimage…” I think I will go check them out.

This book was provided to me free of charge by Thomas Nelson for an honest review.

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Twitter: The next best thing to being there…..

LynnNoe: From #catoneday by @andystanley “Negative circumstances R the fertile soil 4 a burst of momentum.” God always works for good if we listen.

dOcto: “Most delays in decision making are not because of a lack of knowledge but a lack of courage.” (Craig Groeschel) #catoneday

fecciello: RT @ronedmondson: Create margin in your time & budget so you can fully take advantage of unexpected opportunities – Craig Groeschel #catoneday

jdmoore1867: RT @LeadingLadyTee: Fair is not a Christian value. -@AndyStanley #catoneday.


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For those who don’t know, I am currently in Chicago for a few days with two purposes in mind….

First, I came for Catalyst One Day event which was held yesterday at one of the Willow Creek campus churches.

Second, I came to hang out with my friend Pat who pastors a church just outside of Chicago in a town named Bolingbroke. I love what I hear they are doing there and want to be part of his community for a few days. I head there later today.


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