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I am excited! The weather is warming up, the sun has reappeared, and I get to be barefoot more often!

Most of my life, I hated to be without shoes and socks. However, in recent years, I have discovered the joys of being barefoot and today I decided to partake of this minor experiment of freedom! I love the feel of the carpet under my feet, the coolness of the air that bring refreshment to my whole body, and just the sense of enjoyment of not being confined.


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I got a free copy of “How Should a Christian Love?” from Thomas Nelson to post an honest review of. This is a book that is part of a series of “Next Generation” devotional books for pre teens.

This book is an extension of Thomas Nelson’s Word of Promise CDs where young actors portray the Bible in audio form. With the book, you get a section of the Bible in this form (this book you get I Corinthians through Philemon) on a MP3 CD, the devotionals, activities built-in (word finds, crosswords and the like), and journaling spacing which I think is great to get kids used to.

I think the one thing I had to get over is I though this was going to be for high schoolers but it is not. The lessons are basic but staples to the Christian faith. The staples that many churches miss in the pursuit of finding cool stuff or dealing with “teen” issues. This is the basics that each kid needs to forma foundation to stand on.

I do wonder if the MP3 CD is needed. Most of the kids at our church can only listen to MP3 at the computer or after fighting to get it to their iPod. The other concern is the MP3 seems to jack the total price up to an unneeded $15.99 which could cause a challenge for smaller churches. Reading the Bible yourself could have the same if not better effect in comparison of the trade-off but that’s a minor criticism.

Love this devotional over all and would highly suggest it if you’re trying to teach the young people in your life about the basics of the Christian faith. I will be passing it off to our youth leader….

Other titles in series…. “Who is Jesus?”, “What is Salvation?”, and “Why should I choose Jesus?”

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