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Well, first surprise….. It’s a gift book. When I selected it on the site, I thought it was a new Lucado book but it’s more of a collection of highlights from “Cure for the Common Life”.

That said, it’s good for a gift book. A bright yellow sticker on the front of the book says “Good Graduate Gift” and indeed it is. It’s uplifting, thoughtful, and the best of one of Lucado’s most popular books.

I think this is a good thing. Teens today get pushed from so many directions to plan out their lives and know where they are headed. By the time they graduate, they are encouraged to know what school they are going to, what kind of job they want, where they might live, if they’re going to get married and how many kids might you have, as well as many other future predicitions. By the time that they get on their knees to seek God, it’s more of a “Hey, God… Here’s my plan. Can you bless it?” Instead of “What is Your plan, God? Lead me.”

I’m not against plans but we need to teach our children who’s plans really matter.

Sorry, that was a side not. Good graduation present=) Good gift for any age quite frankly.

I recieved this book from Thomas Nelson publishers for an honest review.

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