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As a small, active church, we are always looking at new ways to fund the adventures God leads us on. One great way you can help support The Shepherd’s Fellowship (even if you don’t have much finances yourself) is through iGive.com.

All you need to do is goto iGive.com, set up an account, choose “The Shepherd’s Fellowship” as your cause, make it your home page, and then start using it!

One way, and the most common way to support us is to stop using yahoo, google, or other search engines and instead use iGive. For every search you do, The Shepherd’s Fellowship gets a penny. I know it doesn’t sound like much but with several of us doing this for all of our searches…. it really adds up!

Then if you shop on-line, there are over 700 stores enrolled in the program. After you set up your account, you can search and shop through their stores (click “All stores”‘ in upper right hand corner of your main page once signed in). iGive will give The Shepherd’s Fellowship a certain percentage of you purchase AND the first time you use it (within 45 days of your registration) they also give us a $5 bonus!

When shopping, make sure you review the store’s coupons and detail information for more savings and to make sure they are participating in certain areas of the program. For instance, I bought a book through Barnes and Noble which I found has many coupons, gave the church 2.4% of my purchase, and will give the church the one time $5 bonus for my first purchase.

This is one of those things were we need everyone in the church, their friends, and their family members to jump in and use often! We would love your support and help as we open doors for God’s provision! Feel free to share this to those you know as we build a base of support under our ministry! Blessings!

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