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Recently, I received some information about a couple who are doing missions in Costa Rica that got my attention for several reasons. First they are not only from the Marion, Ohio area but Luke’s family are old friend’s of my wife’s family. Also, I understand how financially and emotionally challenging being in missions can be. It is not a life you choose but a life that chooses you by God’s calling. Their ministry is currently under a huge strain of lack of financial support and I can’t imagine how that pressure must feel.

At the time I heard about them, I was doing a message on missions at our church on missions and contacted them to put together a video about what they have going on. As I watched the video and saw first hand the work they are doing, I was really taken by the multiple areas God is using them. One thing that really excited me was seeing them pull up in a SUV, open the back gate, and start feeding the people lining up from the streets for free food. While this is going on, Luke is standing and reading the Bible out loud as they minister to the spiritual and physical needs of those they serve.


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