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”Amie Streater….delivers a powerful message of common sense and Biblical wisdom that today’s Churchgoers desperately need.” Dave Ramsey

As a financial guru, Dave Ramsey would know and after checking out this book, I would have to agree. Amie Streater speaks as someone who has authority to speak on the topic and for good reason. First, she is speaking as a minister of Jesus Christ but she is also talking from the perspective of one who has been there before.

As a pastor, I do get to meet many people who are struggling in the area of financial stewardship. That is not just having empty pockets which may or may not be within the control of the individual but not managing what they have already been entrusted with by God. This leads to bondage which is not what God has called us to subject ourselves to. He freed us for the sake of freedom.

As the author puts it “Our God is the Author and Creator of order and peace. It is not God’s will for any of His children to live in chaos, frustration, lack and debt…. If we get our heads and hearts right, we can line ourselves up with what He is doing, and our lives will mirror what God wants for us, in us, and through us.”

This is a great read with a great deal of instruction (some you have heard before, some you have not) but you should take a look. Then you should actually do something with it, it’s about time….

I got a copy of this book for free from Thomas Nelson in exchange for an honest review.

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