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Being in the position I am in, I tend to talk with people about a lot about different churches and why they go there. If I am going to be bluntly honest, I get concerned about some of the answers I receive. I have people talking to me about being spiritually dry but they don’t want to address it because….

– their family goes there and they will get a guilt trip if they move

– they are so involved in commitments to roles in the church, they don’t want to let anyone down

– they are groupies of the worship band or the personality of the pastor

– it’s close to home

– the church has great and entertaining things for our kids

– the church is big enough that they don’t bother me to get involved

The cold hard truth is that while some of these things might have merit within the balance of a healthy church (some not all), if you are spiritually dry or worse yet, comfortable and you are not making a change because of the above or similar excuses, there is a concern.


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