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A new friend of mine asked recently me “How can I know God’s will in my life?” This is a common question that I get asked and one of my favorites to answer. Since it comes up often, I thought I would put my response here for others who may be wondering the same……

“To answer your question, my favorite Bible verse on this topic is from Romans 12: 2….

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

This has been an important verse to Jenni and me and this is the bullet points we pull from it….

– Get the “world’s wisdom” and ways and put it to the side

– Let me wants and vision be transformed into God’s vision and wanting His will

– Then it doesn’t say that I will know God’s will then but it does say I can test and approve God’s will…. meaning then I can start sampling the options with a prayerful and submissive attitude and God will show me which way to go.

This can happen different ways…. I do believe sometimes He speaks things to you… usually in a way where it feels so impressed on your heart, it almost feels like you heard Him (I do believe that at times it can be audible but in my experience, it’s not the most common)

Sometimes, it a nagging feeling that just wont go away. Usually it’s one that is against your normal grain that you try to shake but it’s a burden God won’t release.

Sometimes, it’s the words and wisdom of a friend who God put it on their heart and as they speak to you, you just feel it inside that God’s saying…. “Listen, this is for you.”

The main problem many have is they want God to speak to them but they don’t do the parts of putting the wordly way or their own way to the side.

I find that being in the Word, talking to Him through prayers, and being in Christian community with others where I can have open and intimate relationships within the Body help in huge ways…..

I have also found that the more you practice this, the easier and quicker it becomes. It’s an awesome way to live but again, not always the easiest as it entails submission to Him over our own wants….. Always a tad of a challenge =)”

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