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Another Embarassing Post…

So, why do I feel compelled to share these moments of my life? I have no idea! I guess I just like to give you something to chuckle at from time to time even it’s at my expense.

Before I share this little tale, you need to know that our church buildings are not only barn like but are surrounded by fields. This means that, from time to time, we get a little mouse visitor. This morning… I was reminded of this fact.

I stepped into the church building and immediately I noticed a small rodent charging at full speed from about a 12-24 inches away. Due to my quick reflexes, I quickly stepped to the side before my shoe got a mini headbutt. (OK, so maybe I actually jumped more than side stepped).

I have to assume the little guy was blind or scared as he continued to run in circles and couldn’t really take cover. Well, to make a long story short, I grabbed a bowl, a plate, and braved my fears of the nasty beast to relocate him back into the wilds in the back field.

He moved on quickly to his new life and I moved on (just as quickly) back to the reclaimed safety on the indoors.

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This morning, I announced at church a new outreach coming from The Shepherd’s Fellowship. In March we will be doing a 1/2 hour radio program on Saturday mornings on two different radio stations.

The first one is WDCM which has coverage in the Marion county area that focuses on community service and talk programing.

The second one is WVXG which covers seven counties including Marion, plays oldies and classic rock, and has great listenership.

The appeal to us is to bring the Word to secular stations as an outreach in our communities. We will be doing this for a six month trial and then making a decision then if we continue.

While we were not seeking to do a radio show, things happened in such a way that we believe it’s undeniable that God is leading us to try this. We have a lot to work out as far as how all this is going to work out but we’re excited about this challenge and opportunity.

One challenge is having the finances to cover the cost of the show and this is the reason for this post. While more information will be coming out about the show, we want to open the doors to start talking to potential sponsors.

While some are already looking at donating to the show at various amounts, the following is a sponsorship program that individuals, families, and/or businesses can tap into.

Basic – $30 a month – You get your name mentioned (address and phone number if you are a business) on two episodes each month, listed as a sponsor on the radio page of the web-site and mentioned in the internet email blasts.

Advance – $60 a month – Same package but mentions on all four broadcasts (five on five Saturday months)

Supreme – $120 a month – Contact me for more details

If you would like to talk more about being a sponsor or just want to make a donation to help get the gospel out on the air in the Marion area, touch base with me.

If you work for a company that might be of interest of sponsoring, please make them aware of this opportunity.

(The Shepherd’s Fellowship reserves the right to not accept sponsors that due to our beliefs, we could not support in partnership)




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This morning I shall share my Chuck Norris story…

About 10 years ago, I was at a Christian bookstore in California. I had walked into one of the large hallways to get a little bit of quiet to call my son, Ryan (who was about 10 – 11 years old).

While we were talking, Chuck Norris came down the hall to do an interview with a radio station that was at a booth about 30 feet from me.

My son was too young to know who Chuck Norris was but, since he was at his grandparents house, I told him to ask his grandpa if I should go over and kick Chuck Norris’ butt. When Ryan did, all I could hear was Grandpa Tim laughing in the background.

I would have taken offense but it was Chuck Norris. I’m glad he didn’t over hear me =)

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Four errors Paul identifies that the Colossians are making…

– Making tradition more important than God’s movement
– Pretending to be in submission to God but doing their own thing (false humility)
– Having a desire to do the things God lays on their heart but then coming up with way to not do it (idle notions)
– Not being connected to each other in Christian community and to the Head which is Christ  

Sadly, we still deal with those today in our Christian walks….

The solution… die to yourself and the world, come alive in Christ, and set you mind (thoughts) and heart (emotions) to be like Christ

Colossians 2 and 3

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New Beginnings

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