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Well, I got to watch the third episode of “The Bible” mini-series so here’s comes the babbling….

Instead of listing the errors first (which I’m not real big on running around pointing out the errors but it is important to know what is fact and fiction… plus several have said they appreciate knowing), I am going to start with the general statement.

For those who don’t know much about the Bible, I’m glad your watching but please know….

– They are missing a TON of great stuff from the stories you are watching
– What you are seeing on your TV is also showing a lot of errors (which is why the second half of the blog will go through that)
– I’m praying it gets your interest to get into these testimonies for yourself or with a church to get the full picture and why the full picture is important and passonite (You’re always invited to The Shepherd’s Fellowship by the way =)

If you use the series as a somewhat careless cliff note version of the Bible and then it drives you to the deeper readings, that’s awesome. On their own, they are a little lacking.

Many of the most wonderful parts being left out explore the weakness of the heroes of the faith which makes them more relatable to us and glorifies how God can work through us in mighty ways! The missing parts also show us how active God is trying to redeem people back to Him and how much He loves you. I really pray you go deeper.

OK, that said… let me say three other things before the “listing of errors”…

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