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Earlier this year, I made the investment of purchasing the Logos Platform for my personal and pastoral studies. I am so thrilled that I have considering the multiple benefits I have already drawn out from the resources.

Not too long ago, I received the resources for “Abraham: Following God’s Promise” programming for free from them in exchange for an open and honest review.

First, I was thrilled to find out that this and other programs are available through Logo’s and look forward to reviewing some of the others for future Sunday morning and Small Group studies as the Spirit leads.

I think the main feature I will focus on is the unique format of the study. Each session is focused into one of five levels of study.

Setting the Stage – I am big on keeping any Scripture in the context of the original tense. This section does a great job of doing just that as it puts it in the context of the original story.

A Closer Look – For this section, think basic commentary of the same text to take you a little deeper into the thoughts surrounding it.

Throughout the Bible – Just as important as the original context is the questions “How does this fit into the context of the Bible as a whole?” Here is your answer as the story is expanded by looking at how it applies to the Bible as a whole including Scripture references and commentary.

Beyond the Bible – Since the Bible is factual, it fits into the context of world history as well. This section takes you to outside historical records and writings that help the reader see not only the world context of the Scripture but the outside evidence supporting the Bible as well.

Application – What does this mean to us today? This section digs in deeper into what this means to the reader in our lives and relationship with Christ.

As you can see, having these sections in one place is a great resource for any individual student or group leader to dig deeper into the Word for understanding and Truth.

Other resources for leaders includes power point slides and videos for use with groups. On the videos, the only question I still have is rather or not there is a way to show those on a computer different than what you have Logos on. I am sure there is a way but still looking at this.

Great resource! Thanks Logos!

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