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OK, first let me state a couple of things….

– I’m a couple of days behind the curve on this one
– I like Kirk Cameron on his own, not too big of a fan of him and Ray Comfort together
– I know several people who may see this post and start blowing up the comments just because Kirk Cameron’s name and you don’t like his conservative beliefs
– On the other side, some of you might want to blow this up because you feel we as Christians are under fire and our country is no longer a Christian nation
– For these reasons, I tend not to post things like this because publicly I am more interested in things like grace, salvation and  love and hate providing platforms for ugliness …so please keep civil.

OK – that all said…..

I saw an article today saying that Facebook and You Tube had blocked any posting of the preview to Kirk Cameron’s new film because it was “abusive, unsafe, and spammy”. My first thought was either it was a fake story or Kirk Cameron had gone off the deep end. It appears it was neither.

(At this point, a campaign brought a change to this and it is now available on both. However, I was curious how bad the preview was to start all this. You can see it above.)

It is pretty hard not to see that this banning on the film’s trailer as anything less than targeted discrimination. I have seen so much worse on both Facebook and YouTube that you have to wonder what they were thinking. The challenge is defining the target since I have also seen a ton of Christian videos on both so there’s not a war on Christians per say through the two mediums on a large-scale. It’s perplexing on why they choose this one to ban.

I could go on about that with observations and speculation but don’t really care to. The simple fact is if you deem this as prejudice against Christians, you may be right but it’s not the main point of the post believe it or not. (Not to mention, Christ told us not to be surprised when there is persecution and this is an example of “persecution light” in comparison to what our brothers and sisters around the world face.)

I just want to get the word out on the film itself in my little corner of the world. I won’t judge it until I see it like others on both sides might do. However, I do want to see it for the following reasons….

– Again, I like Kirk Cameron when he’s on his own
– I think this is a vital topic he is attempting to tackle
– I do have a sense in me that if two of the largest media outlets tried to ban its message…. I want to get the message out there

If all works out, I think I’ll try to go see this one. Might even take a friend or two. Maybe I’ll see you there…….

Random thoughts on a Saturday morning….

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