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In this study we will be moving past the traditions and rituals of our past when it comes to communion at the Lord’s Supper and digging deep into the Bible on this beautiful gift given to us.

What is the origins of Communion?
Is there a wrong way to partake?
What does it mean to your children?
Why do we partake of communion?
What are the key components of communion?

And how do we get past the details to experience the passion?

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Discernment comes with spiritual maturity.

Often times, people tell me things like “I’m disappointed that God closed that door in that situation or relationship” or “Why would God have things be so hard in this situation since He led me here?”

Sometimes personal disappointment and hard days come from following God. Sometimes they come because we have messed up, taken a shortcut, not acted in integrity, or chosen the wrong people to draw close to us and then we attribute it to God.

Before you accredit God for where you are, make sure it was Him and not you. If it was Him, He will lead you through it and teach you in the process. If it is you, submit yourself to Him, turn around, and let Him lead you through the ripple effects and back to solid ground.

“I am your servant; give me discernment that I may understand your statutes.” Psalm 119: 125

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