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Our study continues on how to get the full life of God’s purpose by looking at being “capable” (or equipped). So many people are trying to live day to day when God has more for you! We hope you dig in more as we look at what we have and need to be mobilized in this life for so much more!

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We had an awesome Easter morning! If you couldn’t make it, here’s the teaching portion from that day!

This week’s study focuses on being authentic living as individuals and a church family. The world has seen enough fake in the realm of Christianity and Christ has a better way! The message of the Cross and the power of the Resurrection leads to an authentic life that is better than what some of us have experienced or have been shown.



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As Christians, we have received freedom, mercy, grace, and purpose! We are adopted into salvation and called to a great mission of telling others of God’s love! Through the sacrifice of Christ, we have victory over death and sin!

So why does it seem that life is as grey for us most of the time like we were still of this world? What does it take to move past the fray, the despair, and the grind?

This week, we are looking at what changes everything and leads us to a life of power and passion by looking at the testimony of Acts 2. If you are tired of this life not being more than surviving at best then dig in with us as we look at all God has for us!

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What are you called to do? What is your purpose? Is is a general calling or is it more defined? How do you find the definition of your life?

This week, we will be starting our “Mobilize” study series by looking at the three callings we have in our lives and how they shape us.

Calling to a Personal Relationship with God
Calling to Our Mission
Calling to Our Personal Role

If you struggle knowing what this life is all about and where you fit in, this would be a great study for you! We all want our lives to be a life of purpose. A life that outlasts our time on this earth.

There are many ways to spend that time but only one that God has specific for you. Enjoy the podcast as explore as we dig in together.

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Over the next two months, we will be covering important studies to prepare us for the Summer of Service! These will include things like Calling, Being Passionate, Being Equipped, Collaborative (working together and with others) and much more.

This podcast, however, we will be taking a peek ahead as we explore why we are on this track in the first place. This study will be diving into God’s heart for service, the example of service, and the life changing passion that we are called to!

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