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John 15:13 tells us that there is no greater love than for one to lay down their life for another and that is just what Jesus did for you and me.

However, for many of us, our first love with Him has become as common as any earthly love. We no longer let it impact our hearts and lives the way true agape love should.

Join us as we start a new study series through the book of 1 John as we explore God’s love for us, how it can impact our daily lives, and how it should impact our love for others. God has more for us than the daily grind but it doesn’t happen by accident. John gives us instructions to shape our thoughts which will lead our hearts to something more than you are experiencing now.

This is a great study if….

– you are struggling with a lack of joy
– you are struggling with relationship challenges
– you are keeping things in your life that you know are short changing you of what God has for you
– you hold people at a distance
– you are a Christian but life seems no different for you than for others as far as the daily grind

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Back to Church Sunday


Did you know that most people who have stepped out of church have not lost faith in God? We have found that a physical move, a change in schedules, or being hurt by Christians or a church before have effected many when it comes to being in Christian community.

At The Shepherd’s Fellowship, we have a huge heart for those outside of church … especially those who have been hurt before. Many of us, including myself can relate due to our past church experiences.

However, we find it’s clear in the Bible that God has created us for community – to work together, encourage each other, enjoy life together, worship together, and help each other. We see that God adopts us into His family and not to be orphans in Christ.

What we have found that if you chase after Biblical community, there is a real beauty in the messiness of true community. Many who have not felt comfortable in other types of church communities have found a home at The Shepherd’s Fellowship.

With this in mind, we want to take a moment and invite you to “Back to Church Sunday” on September 21st. Our Sunday morning gathering will start at 10:30am and will include music, a study on community, and (weather permitting) a cookout after for any who want to hang out. There will also be kid’s ministry going on with TSF Kids for babies – 5th grade for those who wish to plug in.

We will also be celebrating on this day our ten year anniversary as a church with several faces from over the years coming back to celebrate with us. This also includes several musicians from different seasons of our church past to worship with us.

We don’t expect this invite to serve as enough to give you a feel for who we are and why you should give church with us a chance so please stop by our web-site and learn more about us. If you have any additional questions, touch base with me through our leadership page and I’ll help any way I can. Hoping to see you!

Pastor Tom
The Shepherd’s Fellowship

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How can you have unity with the rest of the body of Christ when you don’t even feel plugged in anymore?

Maybe you have been out of church for awhile. Maybe you feel like the mistakes you have made are too big for Christians to accept you. Maybe you have been hurt by church, a pastor, or other Christians before.

None the less, you remember what it was like before the disconnect. You remember that once upon a time, there was real community, real love, and real benefit to being in relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ. It just seems hard to get back to…..

Peter understands. We understand. This study is a realistic look at the things that make us feel disconnected and how we can get back the freedom in Christian community we once enjoyed.

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Most of us have seen the pain caused when communication goes south in a marriage, relationship, church, family, and beyond. Sometimes the culprit was avoidance, gossip, anger or a hard heart that led to painful days and broken relationships.

This week, we dig into proper communication through the words of Christ in our relationships and church families. We will branch out into other church communication areas that often break unity as well.

If you have been hurt in a relationship or church before due to bad communication, you are not alone. As we continue to prepare ourselves for what God is doing next with our local church family, we continue to strengthen our foundation by addressing these common bumps that can destroy people’s emotions and relationships if not handled well before they start gaining ground.

Come be part of the study as we pray it will help you have a stronger and more freeing foundation as well.

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