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If you are not aware yet, there is a new movie coming out on Friday, 3/20/15 called “Do You Believe?“. While I don’t always recommend films due to some cheesy options that come down the pike, this is not the case with this new film. It looks solid and their last film “God’s Not Dead” was of good quality.

However, that’s not the reason I am spending some time getting some information about the film out to the public. You see, it’s not just a good film but it’s a good film that needs your support! This is especially true if you live in the Marion, Ohio area.

The film first came to my attention when the manager of the movie theater put out a plea to the local churches. While she has a desire to bring Christian films to Marion, the last few movies have not done well (partially due to the “cheese” factor). This has concerned the owner of the theater chain thinking these is not enough interest in Marion to keep bringing Christian films to town. So much so that he has stated that unless our local theater sells 500 tickets in the first week (to break even), they will no longer be carrying Christian films. This is not some sort of persecution against Christians, it’s just we get what we support so we need you now.

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