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Enemy of Revival


(If you have gone through this study, please skip to the bold print as you don’t need to introduction recap.)

Over the month of December, our studies at the church reflected on how to find revival in your spiritual life. By walking through the book of Nehemiah, we found several areas that matched up with the Advent season to assist us in our goal.

We defined revival as any area in our life or church life that was falling short of the fullness of what God has for us and restoring things back to His plan. For instance, if we are lonely and we know that God has designed us for relationships, how do we restore community back in our lives. This is one of multiple possible areas that we need revival in.

The general findings of our study is that revival takes hope, peace, joy and love.

Hope – Hope comes when you look at any area that is falling short of God’s best and you say “It’s not ok.” Many of us have defined our lives that are not God’s fullness as “normal” and gave up hope of moving forward. However, revival takes a conscious choice that we are going to do something about it and lean in.

Peace – Real peace is not determined by your circumstances. It’s choosing to push fear aside and replace it with the knowledge that God is good and awesome. Then you can move forward in spite of the circumstances.

Joy – Joy comes from seeing the bigger picture, giving, and putting God’s Word first with thanksgiving and letting it bring change.

Love – Revival is achieved by loving God by living His Word and we stay there when we, as a community, love each other to reach out to one another when we see someone else slipping from that revival.

Now, here’s where I pick everyone back up…..

When we have these kinds of studies, there are two extremes that you can find in the listeners. Several heed the study and make new steps towards revival in humbleness and submission to God. Yet others, get annoyed. Some think they are tired of hearing these things, feel resentful, or ignore any implications in their personal life calling for change.

This is the enemy of hope. This is the enemy of peace. This is the enemy of joy and love. This is the enemy trying to keep you from God’s fullness.

I pray for revival for God’s people (including myself). Having less than God’s best in our life is devastating and we have more control over it than we sometimes think we do. We just need to decide it’s God’s best for me and hope, choose peace, live joy, and act in love.

You can find the audio and video podcasts for this series at our church podcast page.


Pastor Tom Hypes

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