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As we move past our study on the attributes of God, we dig into one of the main ways He reveals this traits, the local church.

If you have ever thought “I can be a Christian and not go to church”, “Nature is my church”, or “Where two or three are gathered, there is church so I don’t need to go…… we invite you to go a step deeper. While those thoughts are common in today’s culture, we will see why it simply does not hold water to the Scripture and how you are being cheated out of the benefits of Christian community the way God designed it.

One of the key ways that God’s of is revealed is through fellowship within the church. It’s taught, modeled and commanded. It is for your good, pleasure, and witness. While you may have had bad church experiences in your past, take some time with us to strip that away and dream about what it would be like if you experienced fellowship the way God has designed. It’s within your grasp.

(If you think it’s not, please watch the podcast. Romans will guide you to God’s heart for you.)

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