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As we continue our study of areas that makes us stumble in living the freedom in Christ, we now come to the struggle of lust. As in all things, Satan moves to twist God’s gifts to lead us to bondage which is what is he does with love by turning it to lust.

(The key example we use as we walk through this is pornography though we also look at other areas of lust as well.)

Lust is not just a sexual desire, it’s a selfish desire that takes control and drives us to painful places. There are seasons where we feel we are hiding or controlling our lusts but sooner or later, if they are not defeated through Christ, they defeat us. They take over. They hurt our loved ones. They separate us from God.

If you struggle with lust, you are not alone. We pray you come out and join us for this important study on the hope, grace and victory we have available to us through Jesus!

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