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Do you struggle with guilt? Do you wonder if God could ever love you again? Are you growing weary of trying to get ahead and it never seems to work out? Have you given up on church?

We invite you to join us as we dig into what many say is the greatest chapter of the entire Bible together. Certainly, saying one chapter is better than all the others is argumentative but consider Charles G. Truebull’s thoughts when he says….

“The eighth of Romans has become peculiarly precious to me, beginning with “no condemnation,” ending with “no separation,” and in between, “no defeat.” This wondrous chapter sets forth the gospel and plan of salvation; the life of freedom and victory; the hopelessness of the natural man and the righteousness of the born again; the indwelling of Christ and the Holy Spirit; the resurrection of the body and blessed hope of Christ’s return; the working together of all things for our good; every tense of the Christian life, past, present, and future; and the glorious, climactic song of triumph, no separation in time or eternity “from the love of God which is in Jesus Christ our Lord.”


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