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As we continue our study in the letters that Jesus dictated to seven different churches in Revelation 2 and 3, we now come to my (Pastor Tom) favorite one! This week we will dig into the church of Philadelphia!

So far, we have covered five churches dealing with issues we still struggle with today in the church and as Christians. In this letter, we will see what it looks like when we are doing it right!

What do we judge churches by? Their size, resources, and popularity?

What do we judge successful people by? Their jobs, their money, and if they look like they nailed the American dream?

Jesus is looking for something completely different and does big things when we lean into His ways. Come and learn what He has to say about what matters, what opportunities lay before you, and what happens when you keep in step with Him!

“They who have an ear, let them hear what the Spirit says….”


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