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We invite you to join us as we start a new study called CHOSEN. As we travel through I Peter, we will discover God’s call on your life, and purpose for your life.

So often we are swayed by how well or how badly things are going, and we get caught up in other people’s opinion of us. The truth is, God’s love for us is constant—even when we are at our worst, nothing changes the fact that we are chosen by Him.

In this study, we will look at the type of player you are on His team. By recalling some gym class memories, we see the different types of players usually end up on a team (the good and the bad) and be encouraged on how to be the type of player that loves the game, encouraged others, and leaves it all out on the field! tsflife.com

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Many have stepped out of church over the years for a variety of reasons. For some, it was a life change like a move or a new job. For others, it came from a season of being hurt in church or by other Christians before. Still others may have grown up in a formal environment rich with tradition and heritage but not community.

All of these are understandable and compelling reasons but is there value in asking yourself if it’s time to give church another chance?

We live in a day where many feel they can be a Christian and not have to go to church. However, as Christ followers, we see over and over in the life of Christ and the teachings of the Bible that Christian life should be a big part of our lives! We see that there is great benefit to our lives, our families lives, and the world around us through Christian community. The question is, “Is it worth it?”

In this study, we take an honest and raw look at the reasons why we step out of church, what the Bible share with us, and what it takes to get the Christian community Jesus desires in your life.

(For those who were here, Joshua’s testimony is available in it’s own video podcast. For those who were not, it’s powerful! Make sure you check it out too!)


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As we finish up a period of 21 days of prayer and fasting at the church, many have testimonies of God moving in their lives. For some, it’s an answer to something they were seeking. For others, it’s a sense of peace in a time of challenge. Whatever the circumstances, we are thankful to God for being on the move!

In this study, we will be focusing in on a testimony in the life of Philip that teaches us what we should do next after giving God the glory for what He’s doing in our lives.

If you feel blessed by God, there’s a message to pass on to others. If you feel overwhelmed, then there’s a message to hear from someone else who’s been down that road.


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Have you had a time where you pray and pray but it just doesn’t seem like God is hearing you? A time you’re looking for some break through but things just seem to stay silent or might be blocked somehow?

While it could be that you’re simply waiting on God’s timing, there are also many reasons that our prayers are being hindered. The Bible gives us several things that can keep God from hearing and responding to our prayer. It might be time to stop, listen, and see if you might be unaware that you are your own road block.

Come dig into the testimony of a man who accepted Jesus in His life but found that his desires and his requests were causing concern in his life and what the answer was that changed everything!



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