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Many have stepped out of church over the years for a variety of reasons. For some, it was a life change like a move or a new job. For others, it came from a season of being hurt in church or by other Christians before. Still others may have grown up in a formal environment rich with tradition and heritage but not community.

All of these are understandable and compelling reasons but is there value in asking yourself if it’s time to give church another chance?

We live in a day where many feel they can be a Christian and not have to go to church. However, as Christ followers, we see over and over in the life of Christ and the teachings of the Bible that Christian life should be a big part of our lives! We see that there is great benefit to our lives, our families lives, and the world around us through Christian community. The question is, “Is it worth it?”

In this study, we take an honest and raw look at the reasons why we step out of church, what the Bible share with us, and what it takes to get the Christian community Jesus desires in your life.

(For those who were here, Joshua’s testimony is available in it’s own video podcast. For those who were not, it’s powerful! Make sure you check it out too!)


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