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A post from my wife, Jenni Hypes…….

Mother’s Day… Wishing everyone a happy day tomorrow but in the midst of enjoying your day with family, please also tuck in the back of your mind that this holiday is a very tough one for a lot of your friends and maybe even your family members.

Think about your single friends that are still looking for prince charming. I didn’t get married until I was 28 and every church service where the moms were recognized reminded me that I still hadn’t found Mr. Right yet and wasn’t any closer to starting a family of my own.

Consider those around you that have had miscarriages and/or lost a child. This holiday is one more reminder of what could have been.

What about the families that are not able to have children and are mourning that loss? Please give them an extra hug.

Also, on a personal note, I ask that you consider your friends and family members that are on the adoption path. The stress of a “paper pregnancy” and always wondering when you’ll get that call is a lot to bear. Mother’s Day was one of those holidays during that time in my life that I would rather have stayed home “sick”. I knew my time would come, but it hadn’t yet… and my heart ached because of the unknown.

And on a final note, please love on those whose moms have either passed away or have maybe never even been a part of their lives. A child (no matter how old they may be) without a mother close by needs your love as well.

So with all that being said… enjoy your day tomorrow and please be sensitive to those around you. Be a blessing and be blessed!

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Today is Memorial Day and I am thankful for the men and women who have served and sacrificed for the freedoms and rights that I enjoy today. There are no words or expressions I can give that will fully convey the gratitude you deserve for what they have given. Thank you so much…….

I will suggest to anyone reading this what I suggested to my church family yesterday. I suggest a simple action we can all do that will carry Memorial Day through out the year.

It comes from an experience I had at Bob Evans a month or so ago. My family was eating and I noticed an older couple sitting a table or two away from us. They both seemed tired and a little weary from life as they quietly enjoyed a meal together. I noticed the man was wearing a baseball cap that only one who has served our country or one who sacrificed a love one to a war had a right to wear. It identified him being connected to the Vietnam War.

When they got up to leave, I asked him if he served in Vietnam and he nodded yes. I told him we appreciated his service and sacrifice. His face started to beam. His wife was full of pride. And he simply said “You’re welcome”.

When you see someone with one of these hats, a shirt, or a tattoo that hints of their service, take the risk and ask. More than likely, they served or a family member that they lost did. When they identify who gave of themselves for you, thank them. They deserve it.

Happy Memorial Day……. Blessings!

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What a beautiful and horrific day we celebrate today. The mock trial,abuse and beating, dragging of a cross, the curssing at, public disgrace, crown of thorns, nailing to the cross, raising up of a naked man, suffication and pain as he pulls himself up by the nails to breathe, death that leads to the shreaded curtain in the temple and the earth to shake…what a mistake the enemy made that day that leads to his ultimate demise. What a sacrifice of love that my Lord Jesus Christ made for you…Want to know more about it? Feel free to contact me…Thank you precious Jesus!

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Lent 2010

Lent is an important time to many of us at The Shepherd’s Fellowship. While we are non-denominational, we have adopted this ancient church tradition as part of our own practice.

Lent is the period of time from Ash Wednesday (2/17/10) until Easter (4/4/10). It is a period of 40 days (minus Sundays) and is a period of fasting as we symbolically share in Christ’s time of fasting in the desert before his temptation. It is a preparation time as we get ready for the celebration of Holy Week. OK, there’s a lot of church talk in there, so let me better explain the process of the practice.

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From Holiday Blood

The holidays are upon us and in the midst of carols, cookies, lights and gifts it can be easy to lose sight of the wonderful reason we celebrate this season.

The Promise Foretold
Jesus’ birth, foretold hundreds of years before his arrival, was the fulfillment of a promise spoken to the Jewish people who were awaiting freedom from an oppressive government. But the world got more than they ever hoped for. Jesus came, not to bring peace between people, but rather to bring a much more significant peace: peace between God and humanity. Follow this amazing story as it unfolds before your eyes.


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For those who know us, you know I pastor a church called The Shepherd’s Fellowship and we own the local Christian bookstore called The Shepherd’s Nook. It’s actually a pretty blessed life as things go.


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Recently someone told me the saying “God is the Santa Clause for adults.” In the conversation I was in and at that moment, I felt lead more to listen than talk so I didn’t respond to the statement. However, I thought the statement itself (especially since I have heard it before) would be a good starting point for a response.

With that, let’s start with the implications of the statement….


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