As we continue through the purpose of the local body church, this week we will dig into studying what the point of ministry is. Many of us has an assumption of how the church works in ministry because of the way we were raised. Hint: Many of us have a wrong understanding.

We each have a role when it comes to doing ministry in this world… even you! You are a unique, created individual with a special make up to do great things. When we come together as Christ’s family and do this work in unity, it changes not just the community around us but our own lives as well. Come explore the possiblities with us!

This is from our Easter 2017 gathering.

How should we respond to the resurrection? How did the first witnesses respond (the answer on that one might surprise you).

What does it mean to be in the process of resurrecting yourself in Christ? Is there ways that we limit the fullness of resurrection in our own lives?

Join us for real answers to questions we seldom ask but change everything.


As we continue in our sermon series exploring what the point of church is … we move into a look at worship.

For some, they think of music when the consider worship. This can bring warm feelings of being in a large group with hands lifted high. For others, memories of singing out of hymnals in thier youth. Still yet for others, it can be uncomfortable as people debate preferences between music styles.

This is not the heart of this study. We will be exploring the heart behind our worship in the song, prayer, and living. As in past studies, we will be going deeper to make sure our worship is in “spirit and in truth” by discussing the pitfalls that keep our worship shallow and continues a life of struggle or feeling like we are missing something others are getting.

Some will be surprised that our worship life can be toxic if our focus is off base so how do we replace this with true, loving, faithful worship that changes everything?

As part of this study, we also explore “toxic people” and “toxic relationships”.

As we continue our study on having a meaningful understanding of the church and it having a meaningful place in your life, we look at evangelism. For many of us, we struggle with sharing the good news of Jesus with others even though it is part of the calling we have in our lives as Christians.

Sometimes we are nervous to bring it up, afraid of rejection, to not sure what to say. In this study, we explore these issues but we also explore the one that most struggle with…. just not thinking about it. Many of us simply just get wrapped up in life and it isn’t in the forefront of our minds.

In this study, Pastor Tom shares some adoption stories to help us see a new way at looking at evangelism. We pray you join us for this heart felt exploration together.


As we move past our study on the attributes of God, we dig into one of the main ways He reveals this traits, the local church.

If you have ever thought “I can be a Christian and not go to church”, “Nature is my church”, or “Where two or three are gathered, there is church so I don’t need to go…… we invite you to go a step deeper. While those thoughts are common in today’s culture, we will see why it simply does not hold water to the Scripture and how you are being cheated out of the benefits of Christian community the way God designed it.

One of the key ways that God’s of is revealed is through fellowship within the church. It’s taught, modeled and commanded. It is for your good, pleasure, and witness. While you may have had bad church experiences in your past, take some time with us to strip that away and dream about what it would be like if you experienced fellowship the way God has designed. It’s within your grasp.

(If you think it’s not, please watch the podcast. Romans will guide you to God’s heart for you.)

I AM: From Me to We

As we transition from the “I AM” series (studying the attributes of God) to a new series that builds on these truths, we look at how God reveals Himself through the church.

In a day and age where many are abandoning the church due to past hurts or life circumstances, we find that God is faithful to the Church and desires to pour into our lives and bless the world through His church.

Spend some time with us as we take a bend in the path into finding what is the point of church…. and why you shouldn’t miss it!


I AM: Faithful

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end: they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” Lamentations 3: 22-23

Many struggle with not feeling good enough to go to God, church, or to others they feel may look down on them for mistakes in thier lives. If Satan had his way, he would get you to a place where you feel unreachable and alone. He would have you believe that God is angry at you and has left you behind.

The truth is this: God loves you and He is faithful even when we are not. In this study, we will be looking at the life of Jacob to see this reality in action. We pray you join us fellow strugglers as we dive into God’s faithfulness.