It’s one of my favorite quotes from the movie “The Princess Bride”……”Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something!”

Do you think that life is hard? It certainly can be. Do you ever get the feeling that Christians think it shouldn’t be. That you should have it all together, know all the answers, and if you don’t… somehow there’s a defect in you? While we continue our study on being stronger in Christ, we look at the struggles of this life.

You don’t need to feel guilty for being overwhelmed. You don’t need to feel lessor for not having it all together. Paul struggled. The Colossians struggled. I struggle. The questions are what causes our struggles and what should we be focused on as we go through them so they lead somewhere glourious.

We pray you can join us as we continue into our study…..



As we continue our study through the book of Colossians in the New Testament, we continue to look at how to be stronger in this world. Far too many Christians are living in bondage to circumstances, challenges, and stressors.

However, the Bible is clear that we can have power and peace in spite of circumstances through Jesus Christ. The question is how do we have this in our life? In this portion of our study, we will look at how we become stronger through reconciliation through Jesus Christ! How does this work? Why does it matter? What does it mean to me today?

We pray you join us as we learn how to grow stronger instead of living in the bondage of this world no matter what you are going through.


Everywhere you look, people are struggling. We struggle with bills, relationships, loneliness, and finding stability. This is not just for people who don’t have Christ in their lives but we see a similar trend in Christians as well. However, the Bible says we are more than overcomers. Jesus promises a peace that passes understanding. In the Spirit, we know we are already victorious. So why does it seem so hard? We hope you join us as we start this new study in Colossians, a letter written by the Apostle Paul to the church. In this letter, we will find truths and encouragements to lead us to be STRONGER!


On this “National Back to Church Sunday”, we look at the top three reasons people disconnect from church and why plugging back in is worth it. We do this by examining the failures and responses of two men in Jesus’ life; Judas and Peter. If you have stepped off of church or love someone who has, this will be a good study for you! Christian community is part of God’s plan for your life and the enemy is robbing it from many today. We have heard from several already who received freedom from past church hurt and/or being disconnected after going through this study. We pray this gives you a fresh perspective in your life on issues that may have been having control in your life for years. tsflife.com

The Holy Spirit’s Part


In our last study on how to lead people to the Lord, we brushed up against one truth of the Great Commission which is we can’t do this by ourselves. We need the power of the Holy Spirit in the same way the apostles did as they went forth. This truth is the focus on this part of the study.

We often times fall in the trap that we just need to do a few steps in reaching out to others and we believe that the Spirit’s role is a given. However, when we look at the Word, we find that there are some choices in this area as well that we must make to open up the flow of the Spirit in our evangelism. Join us as we explore II Chronicles 7 to find these truths as well as some other examples in the Bible that show it’s validity.


Live It, Speak It

If you ask people if it’s important to share their faith with others, the majority of people will tend to tell you no. However, Jesus is clear that we are to lead others to him for freedom, reconciliation, and life change. In this study, we look at this command as well as how to lead others to Jesus in a real and authentic way by looking at some teachings of Jesus Himself. Get ready to live and speak Jesus and see others benefit from your choices! tsflife.com

For months, we have been studying the Scriptures on how to have a “Life of More” (or a meaningful life the way God would define it). We have covered having a meaningful understanding of God, His Church, and more by covering …. literally…. the entire Bible as we tackled the “Bible in 90 Days” Challenge.

But it all comes down to two studies…

Choices You Make for a Life of More (https://youtu.be/z4y2cSZD4Ac) and this one, Why Chose a Life of More.

We explore the seven choices you must make to have a meaningful life and then we explore why it is so important to do so today. If you are struggling with how to move forward, find purpose, or wonder if you may be a little too comfortable in a world we don’t belong to…… we invite you to jump in!