As we continue our “How to be Friends with Jesus” series, we take a look at the need for love in practice. In this episode, we look at two more experiences between Jesus and Peter to learn how love plays such important role in growing our friendship with Jesus in practical ways.

Join us for the first installment in a series on how to have a friendship with Jesus. We will be looking at Jesus and Peter to learn more about we can have a friendship with Jesus and not just a relationship.

In this podcast, we will explore the early days of Jesus and Peter and how being vulnerable makes all the difference. There are three main things we most become comfortable with to have this intimacy.

The first half of this podcast is the study.
The second half is the prayer experience in response.


Church Membership

Do you have to go to church to be a Christian? Is it true that where “two or more are gathered”, it’s the same thing as church? What are the benefits of church and what is your role in it?

There is a great deal that the Bible has to say about local body church and it’s place in our lives. If you have been disenchanted with church or wonder what the Bible has to say about it, feel free to join us for this study.


II & III John

Join us as we conclude the “Letters of John” study series. Rather you have been following along or are new to the study, we will all start on the same page with this week’s study on how we live 100% love and 100% truth together!

We will also explore practical ways we can support one another in this life as well as how to handle opposition that comes at us.


I John 5

This week, we step back into our study in the letters of the apostle John.

After exploring the depths of the truth and love we live by, John continues with more foundation and questions to help us grown in our relationship with Jesus Christ and with one another.

Join us as we consider the three testimonies that give evidence for this life we are called to know, enjoy and share!


Back to Bethany: BTC 2020

On this “Back to Church Sunday” we go “Back to Bethany”!

Bethany was a special place to Jesus full of community, purpose, and love. In many ways, it models what church and Christian community should look like in our lives. However, there came a moment when all that was interrupted with a horrible loss.

In the same way, there are times when something impacts our Christian community and challenges it. Maybe a past church hurt, or other Christians that abuse us, or maybe the impact of an unforeseen pandemic. In this study, we look to see how Jesus handled the situation in His life to find how we can move forward in ours.

The first half of this video, is that study on Bethany. The second half is next steps for TSF in rebuilding community in our own church as the Spirit leads us to navigate the pandemic.


I John 4:7 – 4: 21

When the Bible talks about “love”, do you know what it’s truly saying? Did you know that the original greek had multiple words for love that represented different types of love? When those words are translated into the english word “love”, it can lose some of it’s essence unless if we look deeper.

Join us in this study as we explore “agape” love. John tells us that God manifests Himself through Christians living in agape love. Is it present in your life?


I John 4:1- 6

The Bible has very strong warnings about false teachers and prophets. So, how do you know if someone falls into these warnings?

Are these reserved for strange cults you don’t understand or greasy haired strange teachers on late night TV? Or can some of your favorite teachers, preachers, ministries, or groups fall into this category as well? How do you know? What do you embrace?

In this part of our study in the letters of John, we will look at how we can determine what’s false, what is true, and how to remain above the falsehoods that Satan tries to ensnare us and our families with.


I John 3:11 – 3:24

It is my (Pastor Tom) hope that you have been challenged and encouraged as much as I have during these questions John is bringing to the forefront on being the type of Christ followers we want to be.

This week we continue by going back to what love should look like in our lives. We will be taking a practical and honest look at what love should like in our lives and the difference it should be making.


I John 2:18 – 3:10

John gives us multiple self-tests by bringing up important truths to check when it comes to our walk with Jesus. This week, we will learn what it means to be “antichrists”, how to identify them in our lives (it’s not as easy as you might think), and how to make sure you are not one.