Adore: Joy

In this study, we will be exploring the issue of true joy. For many, Christmas can be a challenging time filled with anxiety, depression, or loneliness. While this is true for any time of the year, there’s something about the holidays that can turn the struggles up a notch.

How do we find real joy? What is the source of it? If I’m not feeling happiness right now, does that mean I’m messing up or God is mad at me?

There’s some encouraging answers to these questions and we pray you join us as we dig into the Bible and find what Jesus has for us!

(This is the sermon portion of our study. Please go deeper by also watching Amy’s testimony about how God is working in her life after the loss of her husband when he took his life. It’s very powerful and you can find it coupled with this on her podcast page at tsflife.com)


Adore: Love


One could argue that love is the one thing we are created to crave the most in this life. We seek it, long for it, and embrace it. At times, it leads us to intimacy and sometimes we are crushed when we thought we had it but it falls through our grasp. Love is a very powerful force and motivator.

So, how do we find REAL love. The love designed to fill that God given need into all of us. And how do we give it to others?

Baker’s Encyclopedia of the Bible says “Love is the first and last word in Christian theology and ethics.” Is this true? And if so, how do we find freedom through this love.

We invite you to join us as we dig into this study.


Adore: Wisdom

A lot of people are wondering what the next best step is in their life. Many are wondering why they keep running into the same old walls over and over again. What we need is true wisdom that directs us to God’s best for our lives.

In this study, we focus onto practical truths about true wisdom when we look to Jesus as our advisor. How does that work? What real difference does it make? How does it change our lives and relationship with Christ?

We invite you to join us as we dig into this study.

Adore: Hope

Christmas can be a very busy time of shopping, Hallmark movies, parties, and gift giving.

Christmas can also be a lonely time of missing loved ones, feeling overwhelmed, and feeling blue.

We would like to invite you to spend the Christmas season at The Shepherd’s Fellowship to focus in on the Christ child we come to celebrate at Christmas!

During the advent season, we will be preparing ourselves to celebrate the birth of Christ by focusing in on who He is through the advent themes. In this study, we look at Jesus when it comes to hope. We hope you join us!


Why We Help Those In Need?

In this study, we will be digging into the words of Jesus concerning why we should be caring for others in need. Many of us have heard the passion He has for us to help the hungry, the poor, the stranger, the prisoner, and those in need.

However, do you know what He has to say about why it matters? Do you recall what He says happens when we don’t follow Christ’s example in helping others? What does this mean to your life today (because it should)?


Redemptive Compassion

Our pastor’s wife, Jenni Hypes is also the executive director of our local chapter of Love INC. While Pastor Tom was out of town, Jenni shares this message on how you can be part of redemptive compassion in the lives of others!


Chosen: Elders

What is the Biblical model of church leadership? How do we choose leaders that bring fruit instead of pain and chaos? Is a pastor the shepherd or is Jesus? Can a woman be an elder? Can a divorced man be an elder? What does it mean to be “above reproach”?

There’s a lot of questions about church leadership that the Bible has the answers to. Join us as we look at who elders are, what that means to anyone in the church, and why it’s an important topic for anyone who calls themselves a Christ follower.