What is a Witness?

In this teaching, we look at the importance of living with a heart of being a witness. Now that we have explored all the benefits, blessing, and power of being part of the body of Christ, we explore the importance of and “how to” elements of sharing it with others!



What is a Disciple?


As we continue the “I am a Fellowshipper” series, we go from being part of the church to being a member to being a disciple. We hope you will join us as we dig into this next step of study and life application together!


What Is Membership?


If you are a Christian, you are a member of the body of Christ. Now, where do you plug in?

Many struggle with the concept of church membership for different reasons; past church hurt, misrepresentations we experienced, or just don’t see the point. Even at our church, we struggle with what is Biblical church membership through the Scriptures. This video lessons dives into church membership from what we have learned, embraced, and are excited to share!


What is Church?


In a new series on being a Fellowshipper, we look at the Biblical models of “church”.

What does it mean to go to church? What do you mean when you say someplace is your home church? Can you be a Christian and not go to church? How can people be spiritual starving to death in church? Is it enough to go to a Sunday morning service a couple times a month with a kicking band and motivational talk or does God has something more in mind?

Join us as we look at several Biblical models of church to see the common threads of what church is suppose to be!


Margins: Inherit

We close out the Margins study series by answering this question…. is growing to be more like Jesus something we do…. God does in us… or both?

When we look at areas on our lives where God is calling us to move forward in, we often times process those changes by us doing more. Others expect to change nothing and then can’t understand why God doesn’t just fix everything. However, there is a balance.

Join us as we look at how to grow to be more like Jesus and why it’s awesome that we can!



Marion Mentors

Erin Slater stops by The Shepherd’s Fellowship to share about the work Marion Mentors does in our community and how you can be a part of their impact!



We tackle our last “margin” as we get closer to the end of our study in 1 Corinthians. All of the areas that we have covered are areas where we can have freedom in our lives as we grow to be more like Jesus!

This one, the one that was saved for last is probably one of the biggest one we struggle with in our lives simply because we grow comfortable not doing it. In this study, we share several sub-margins in the area of stewardship which is simply using what God trusts to us in the way He call us to. We also share some celebrations of what God is doing in our midst today thanks to stewardship.