The entire service from our 15th anniversary celebration! This includes worship through music, a talk from Kris Reed, stories from our history, and a study on looking forward God’s way instead of slipping backwards.

Has it been awhile since you have led someone to Jesus? This is a study for you.

As we continue our walk through the Sermon on the Mount, we come across Jesus’ teaching on Christians on being the light and the salt of the world. The question becomes, how?

We spend this study looking at practical instructions on how to live a life that is leading others to Jesus. Not just generalized instructions but specifically how do YOU lead others to Jesus? Each of us are unique and it’s best to find how God has created you to do the Great Commission (Commandment).


Divergent: Beatitudes

Join us at as we kick off a new study series on the most popular (and one of the first) sermons Jesus ever gave.

As he was kicking off His ministry and His popularity was growing to the masses, Jesus paused on the mountain side to share what it look likes to be a Christ follower. In a powerful teaching, He shows what true life should look like instead of what we are offered in this world, see in “religion”, or sometimes naturally embrace ourselves.

There is a life more passionate and free than many are embracing today and we invite you to dig into these teachings!


Messy Testimonies

On this Back to Church Sunday, we explored testimonies. What are testimonies? What are their purpose? How can they encourage you? How can your testimonies impact others?

Many people misunderstand how their story with Christ or the church are going to go and when things get tougher, some think that something is wrong or give up on church. Learn from one of Jesus’ best friend’s life: Peter to see how powerful messy testimonies truly can be.

This couple’s with a video on our page called “Joe’s testimony”. How shares his story of going from prison to life with Christ. tsflife.com

What is a Witness?

In this teaching, we look at the importance of living with a heart of being a witness. Now that we have explored all the benefits, blessing, and power of being part of the body of Christ, we explore the importance of and “how to” elements of sharing it with others!



What is a Disciple?


As we continue the “I am a Fellowshipper” series, we go from being part of the church to being a member to being a disciple. We hope you will join us as we dig into this next step of study and life application together!


What Is Membership?


If you are a Christian, you are a member of the body of Christ. Now, where do you plug in?

Many struggle with the concept of church membership for different reasons; past church hurt, misrepresentations we experienced, or just don’t see the point. Even at our church, we struggle with what is Biblical church membership through the Scriptures. This video lessons dives into church membership from what we have learned, embraced, and are excited to share!