LOJ: Luke 1 Part 3

LOJ: Luke 1: Part 2

Join us as we look at the testimonies of Zachariah and Elizabeth! How often have you heard something in a sermon or read something in the Bible and thought “That seems to work for others but not me?” or “How can I know this is true?” Join us as we explore these questions together. tsflife.com

LOJ: Luke 1: Part 1

As we begin our study into the gospel of Luke, let us get to know the author and what he brings to the table.

Join us as we dig deep into Luke, the purpose of his writings, and why his gospel is unique in it’s scope.


Life of Jesus: John 1

Think you know Jesus? Look again!

Many people have a basic understanding of Jesus that would fill up a Hallmark movie about his life and then they stop there.

Others have misunderstandings about Him because things they were taught wrong, experienced bad representations and were hurt, or simply walked away with misconceptions.

Still others know enough to compete in any “Jesus Trivia Night” but don’t know Him at all. It’s time to spend an extended period of time really digging into Jesus and what a relationship with Him can and should be like.


Sabbatical Wrap Up

Pastor Tom returns from his six week sabbatical and talks about how it went, where we are headed next, and invites us to a new and deeper passion when it comes to Jesus. tsflife.com
It’s time to bring the different areas of our lives that we can make new choices in today that can build a better normal!

Join us as we explore the last area of Hebrews 13 and then bring it all together. If you’re tired of life the way it is, this is a time you should invest in.


Join us as we continue through our “Building a Better Normal” series. As we go through select topics that we can make changes to have a better life, we now come across how to identify and deal with false teachings and teachers.


BABN: Leadership

As we step back into our “Building a Better Normal” series, we explore new choices when it comes to church leadership in our lives. By exploring the life of Moses and the Israelites, we see the important role of leading and following in our lives!


While many have decent feel for God the Father and God the Son, maybe find God the Holy Spirit mysterious and hard to grasp. In this study, we will be exploring this more as well as the deep impact of His power and guidance can impact our lives today!

The Shepherd’s Fellowship (tsflife.com) was thrilled to host our friends, Nathan and Hannah Howell for a Sunday morning gathering focused on our value being found in Christ in the midst of addiction. Enjoy this podcast of Hannah sharing her testimony and encouraging others in hope, truth in love.

Our Mission (The Howells)

Our mission is to help others to encounter God’s goodness and to discover their God-given identity in Christ. We, having both overcome addiction, want to empower others to be able to walk out their freedom in Christ by sharing our testimony, and through worship. We want to see revival come to every heart, and healing to the nations.