Dealing with Fear: Haggai

As we continue looking at different “monsters” that keep us from living our faith, we move to addressing the problem of fear. Often times, when we think of fears, we thinks of the big ones we would rather never have to deal with. However, we also have fears that are not as overwhelming but none the less dictate a lessor life than what God has created for us.

We will address the problem of fear, have a time of self examination, and learn how to move forward by looking at a struggle those in Judah were living through. The prophet Haggai brought a word from the Lord that led the people out of twenty years of not moving forward to achieving the task in just four months.

Maybe it’s time for you to move forward as well. It might be scary but as we will be reminded…. you are not alone.




Join us as we start a four week study exploring some of the greatest enemies to us living in freedom as we follow Christ. These enemies are evil, active, and familiar as we see the human race has been struggling with them since the fall of man.

We will examine them and find how to combat them by looking at the minor prophets and their words to God’s people during their roughest times. Come explore with us as we find victory over these “monsters” that can reside within us!

In this study, we look at God’s word through his prophet, Obadiah to Edom concerning the consqeuneces and solution for pride. While most of us don’t recognize it in ourselves, pride is one of the biggest struggles we can deal with and has dire repercussions. This study gives us a great to do some self examination, find some freedom, and learn from one of the (not so) minor prophets you normally don’t hear much about … but need to.


Own the Vision: Finances

We have looked at mission that gives us the passion…

We have looked at vision that gives us our focus….

Now it’s time to look at our core values that give us our direction! In this study, we use the core values to guide us in decisions when it comes to our finances. How do we love God, love each other, and love the lost in mindful way with proper stewardship? This is what we explore in this study and hope you join us.



Own The Vision: Mission

Last week was “Vision Sunday” in which we had a great study on how to find God’s vision for your life and as a church family. (You can find that study podcast at https://youtu.be/1fSDtnuNFbQ) Now, we dig into the Word on how to “Own the Vision”! We will dig back into Christ’s teaching on what our mission is, how it should play out in our life and the exciting changes we will see if we dare to not just see the vision but own it! We pray you join us!

In this study, we look at the importance of knowing God’s vision for you, the common threads of His vision, and how to find His vision for your life. We also look at what Pastor Tom believes is the number one reason most of us don’t embrace God’s vision for our life and how to move past it.

The Star: Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve and we invite you to join us for a great morning of worship, fellowship, and study as we bring Advent to a close and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!

Join us for one of the most wonderful seasons of the year!

Follow The Star on a Journey of a Lifetime Let’s be honest – sometimes the journey of life can get long and difficult. And this hectic time of year can pile on more challenges and stress. The good news is – there is hope!

Mary and Joseph took the first Christmas journey 2,000 years ago, and Jesus’ humble birth was not what the people of Israel were expecting. The people were weary of waiting for their Savior. Sometimes we also give up too soon on what we’re believing for.

Join us for our Christmas Eve (Eve) Gathering as we worship, enjoy a presentation, and focus on the Christ child has changed everything! He fills our lives’ journeys with hope, love, joy, and peace, just as He did that first Christmas.