In this study on spiritual gifts, Paul digs in to two particular gifts in particular; peaking in tongues and prophecy. Learn more about both, their proper place in the church and our mission, and why we should be desiring the gifts of the Spirit in our lives. We’re not talking about being pentecostal, we’re talking about being filled in the Spirit!



Spiritual Gifts: Love

The third study in our spiritual gifts study. As Paul is getting ready to address the division in the Corinthian church over different spiritual gifts, he makes a purposeful break to talk to them about the most excellent way; love.

While this chapter is well know for weddings, it’s original context had to do with unity in the church. How do we keep unity? What is your part when it comes to love? What does it look like when Christians forget the importance of love as our motivation. These three remain; faith, hope and love… join us at an honest look at the greatest of these…..love.


Join us as we continue our studies on spiritual gifts, how they work in your life, and how they come together through the local body church! There’s so much more than many of us embrace! tsflife.com

What are spiritual gifts? Does every Christian have one? Do you have more than one? How do you find out what has been gifted to you? What does it mean in your life that you have them? How does this play out in the church and the community around us?

Over the next few podcasts, we will be exploring spiritual gifts as we explore Paul’s teachings in 1 Corinthians 12 – 14. We will provide practical tools to help you take next steps to unwrapping the spiritual gifts in your life! We hope you join us for our introduction to “Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts”!




On the pro-life vs pro-choice debate (and I’m not sure if I can call it that anymore as some are changing the definitions of those phrases to fit their needs)…..

Before you come up with a view one way or the other, you have …. have…. have… to ask yourself….. when does life begin?

If you can not answer that question (not in my comments but in your head), stop championing your cause until you can.

If life starts at conception, your views should follow.
If life starts at a heart beat, your views should follow.
If life starts at birth, your views should follow.

Once you know when life starts, ask yourself do your views match that belief?

You can not believe that life begins at conception and then say it’s ok to kill a baby because the mother made a mistake or doesn’t have the financial means to support the child. That’s murder.

However, if life begins at birth, then your statement would make sense. It’s just part of the nine month period you have to choose rather or not you want to bring this life into this world.

When you are smugly trashing on others for wanting to take a women’s rights to her body or wanting to defend a baby’s right to life…… I ask, “when does life begin”?

If the person believes that life begins at conception, then they are not attacking you and the rights to do what you want with your body. They are wanting to keep a life from being terminated. If they didn’t, they would be a monster.

If a person had an abortion and life doesn’t start until delivery, they are not a monster. They see it only as their health.

Does that mean everyone has their own “truth” and we should just stop the conversation. By all means…. no! There is a truth…. when does life begin? That is the conversation.

I see many people hold views that are inconsistent to their belief on this question. Please, stop and wrestle with that before imposing your bluntness on others.

I believe life begins at conception. Why? I’m a Christian. I have looked at it Biblically and it’s clear to me that life begins at conception. My views follow.

For one who is pro-choice and claims to be a Christian, I only ask you to go back to the Word. Far too often, pro-life Christians have said to me they have not studied it for themselves or they say things that start with “it just seems to me” (not just on this topic but others). Stop. Take the question of when life begins to the Word. Find the answer. Act accordingly. This is not a political issue first and foremost for us.

Most importantly, if you have had an abortion and you regret it, if you find yourself in an unplanned pregnancy, if you have been abused, if you have been judged, if you have gone to Christians and they get political on you real fast…… I’m sorry. Christ loves you. I’m here if you need it. I also highly recommend the folks at Voice of Hope Pregnancy Center.

Prayers and Blessings…..


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