Margins: Introduction

Is the Church of today what Jesus, Paul, Peter, and other first century leaders had in mind? How does it match up to what God has created it to be? Has the Church shaped it’s methods to reach the culture with the gospel or has it become a watered down, consumeristic version of itself? Or is it a little bit of both?

We will be studying the book of 1 Corinthians to find how we can grow as Christians and the church to be what God intends. A big part of being able to do this is to make sure we have the proper “margins” in our lives. What does this mean?

This introduction study will explain this as well as describe how God sees His church. We pray you join us and marvel at what God has before you today.



Be Still and Know

After coming back from a mini-sabbatical, Pastor Tom shares the main encouragement that God laid on his heart that can also encourage each of us. If you have been feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, or out of sync, maybe it’s time to “Be Still and Know He is God”.

Join us for this study of Psalm 46 and accepting the invitation of being centered again in God.


How to Find God’s Will

Christmas Eve Eve 2018

Join us in our study at we look at the Christ child in the manger. Is he gentle and mild like in the Hallmark movies? Or is there more to be realized about the baby?

Explore what John has to say about the Christ child while we also dig into the testimony of the shepherd’s from the Nativity narrative!

Merry Christmas!


Adore: Christmas

As we come to the Christmas celebration, we find that there is a common trend in the collection of nativity testimonies that we find in our own lives as well!

Join us as we compare the responses by the different nativity testimonies and find a fresh way to lean into Jesus this Christmas!

Adore: Joy

In this study, we will be exploring the issue of true joy. For many, Christmas can be a challenging time filled with anxiety, depression, or loneliness. While this is true for any time of the year, there’s something about the holidays that can turn the struggles up a notch.

How do we find real joy? What is the source of it? If I’m not feeling happiness right now, does that mean I’m messing up or God is mad at me?

There’s some encouraging answers to these questions and we pray you join us as we dig into the Bible and find what Jesus has for us!

(This is the sermon portion of our study. Please go deeper by also watching Amy’s testimony about how God is working in her life after the loss of her husband when he took his life. It’s very powerful and you can find it coupled with this on her podcast page at tsflife.com)

Adore: Love


One could argue that love is the one thing we are created to crave the most in this life. We seek it, long for it, and embrace it. At times, it leads us to intimacy and sometimes we are crushed when we thought we had it but it falls through our grasp. Love is a very powerful force and motivator.

So, how do we find REAL love. The love designed to fill that God given need into all of us. And how do we give it to others?

Baker’s Encyclopedia of the Bible says “Love is the first and last word in Christian theology and ethics.” Is this true? And if so, how do we find freedom through this love.

We invite you to join us as we dig into this study.