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It comes down to one key truth that allows us to escape from the drudge of the world and the struggles of the muck and mire. How do you get it? How do you keep it? How do you enjoy freedom in your life?

These are the questions we will be studying as we look at the final chapter of 1 John and the testimony of a man who the world lost just last year, Brennan Manning.

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If you were holding $100 in counterfeit twenties, you probably wouldn’t know it. The best counterfeits look most like the real thing so it would be easy to be tricked until it came time to try to cash it in.

If you had this counterfeit money, wouldn’t you want someone to tell you? Wouldn’t you want schooled in how to spot the fake thing instead of investing in something that would be worthless in the end?

This week, we dive into 1 John 2: 15- 27 to expose counterfeit love and counterfeit versions of Jesus Christ. So many people in our world are investing in false versions of both and without the proper understanding of them, you could be one of them.

Join us and walk out knowing how to spot the fake, how to find the true, and how to live in the fullness of love and relationship with God.

No more substitutes!

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John 15:13 tells us that there is no greater love than for one to lay down their life for another and that is just what Jesus did for you and me.

However, for many of us, our first love with Him has become as common as any earthly love. We no longer let it impact our hearts and lives the way true agape love should.

Join us as we start a new study series through the book of 1 John as we explore God’s love for us, how it can impact our daily lives, and how it should impact our love for others. God has more for us than the daily grind but it doesn’t happen by accident. John gives us instructions to shape our thoughts which will lead our hearts to something more than you are experiencing now.

This is a great study if….

– you are struggling with a lack of joy
– you are struggling with relationship challenges
– you are keeping things in your life that you know are short changing you of what God has for you
– you hold people at a distance
– you are a Christian but life seems no different for you than for others as far as the daily grind

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