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Our church has a 24 hours of prayer and fasting about once or twice a year when we feel we are being called to draw close to God. Sometimes this is due to a challenge we are going though but this most recent time, we were drawing close in a season when we feel God is about to bring a breakthrough! Not only in the life of the church but in the lives of those within the community as well. This 24 hour period of time has just come to a completion.

I want to thank everyone who came on board and fasted and prayed over our church! I am very much looking forward to any personal testimonies, thoughts and impressions as the Holy Spirit moved. I have had several comments though Facebook about the event and others joining in. I believe more than anything else, God was having us toiling the field for what is soon to come but I am aware that He has other things to reveal about Himself along the way.


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