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If you are looking for a great book with loads of detailed information on the life of and surrounding Billy Graham, this is a great one for your library. If you want more of the heart, humor, and wisdom of Billy Graham, pick up  the books of interviews between Rev. Graham and David Frost. Between the two (add in Billy Graham’s “Just as I Am”) and you’ll have a good picture of the man, at least as much as you can from a distance.

Now, back to this book. Like I said before, if you want information, this is the book. I knew before I read the book that the author used to be a correspondent for Time magazine but if I did not know, I would have known by the end of the second chapter. While the first chapter really drew me in and got me excited exploring deeper into this great man’s life, the rest read more like a great college thesis paper. Don’t get me wrong, it is so worth it but it’s not my normal style of reading.

The chapter topics are chosen well to organize the topics that cover his life from ministry to relationships with presidents over the years. The details of the information go back and forth over the pages which are hard to follow at times but comprehensive. It details a day and age that was tailored made for the impact of the Billy Graham legacy. It leaves me realizing that Billy Graham would not be able to have the same impact he has had in today’s enviroment. The message is the same but the enviroment was ripe for his rise as one of God’s instruments.

I loved the book though it was hard to follow here and there. If you have any interest in the man and his ministry, it’s a must have.

I received a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through Booksneeze.com in exchange for an honest review.

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Today is Billy Graham’s 90th Birthday! He is America’s pastor and a man of great integrity.

I got to see him at a Crusade in Columbus, Ohio about 14 years ago. My girlfriend at the time and myself went to see him on what I believe was a Sunday evening. It was a real treat to me to see him preach and to top it off, Johnny and June Cash were the singers of the evening. Of course, the real treat was to see the lives changed as people accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior as a response to the gospel.


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