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A couple thoughts on “50 shades” for Christians as the movie gets ready to premiere….

– Yahoo news reports that 1/5 of the film is sex

– An article from the UK news, talks about pornography not being the issue but sexual education. The pornography that use as their example is the 50 Shades of Gray movie.

– A secular post I read from someone praising “50 Shades” for bringing female sexuality to the fore font, called it porn or pornography at least 4 times. Again, not a blog complaining about it but a female, secular professional praising it.

– Some Christians who are trying to justify liking it and seeing it are deflecting by saying why is wrong for women to have sexual movies but men can and no one says anything. The truth is sexual movies are not ok for either gender.

– Some Christians who are trying to justify liking it and seeing it are deflecting by saying the Bible does not say the type of sex in the movie is wrong in a happy, marriage relationship. First, i take a tad bit of issue on that but that’s for another day. Even if you were correct in the statement, the characters in the movie are not married. Even if they were, that still doesn’t make watching it ok.

If any married couple put out a sex tape, it doesn’t make it any less wrong that you watch it just because they were married. There is no upside to this line of thinking.

– Some call it a love story because in the end she saves him from himself and being off track. If you are a Christian, you know the love of Christ that reflects in our lives and this simply is not it.

So, does that mean if you are a Christian and go see this, I will look down on you as a pastor? Not at all. It does mean as a brother, I pray for better for you and your intimacy understanding and I love you either way.

Again, random thoughts to consider….

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

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I remember the first time I saw Kerry Shook teaching. I was flipping through the channels and he was preaching on his TV program. It was interesting as he was talking about the recipe of life as he was making and cooking a pizza on stage. It wasn’t overly deep or new in content but it was interesting, different, and good if you were looking at the topic for the first time.

From that, I bought his book “One Month to Live” and wanted to do a sermon series based off the concept. Again, I didn’t find it to deep or new information but creatively done and a good concept for something more basic for someone on a surface level.


This book falls into the same flow. It is well done but nothing all that new. If you and your spouse are looking for something to dig into together, to spur on some conversation, and to remind yourself were your commitment levels may be struggling, this is a good book. If you are one who has been doing deeper study on the topic, this is not the deeper book you are looking for as much as a compilation of you might find to be common sense in the mix of your study.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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I have to admit up front that I like Max Lucado but I’m not an avid reader of his works. There’s something in his writing style that loses me. While I enjoy listening to him live the few times I have seen him, his story telling style does not hold me in written form.

That said, this book is different. More practical in its application, Max Lucado spends time answering issues that people have asked him about over the years and that you and I have had as well. It was interesting that I just finished a review for another book that tried to answer questions as if God was answering. I was a little uncomfortable with it. This format is more my style.


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OK, I am doing two book reviews today. The last one wasn’t very flattering so I am pleased to stay this one has a very different tone! I loved it!

Now to be honest, I did thumb through the book “Radical” and it didn’t grab me. I liked the principles of it but something about the writing style just didn’t grab me. However, when I saw this book was coming out, I nabbed it. Why? Because I love talking about Christian community! I love everything about it! The highs and the lows….. the good and the bad…… when we are talking about true, Biblical Christian community, I always love being in the conversation.


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Um, how to start this review. Well, um, “Finding our way again” is the wrong way. How’s that to cover the jist of it?

I admit, I am not a Brian Mclaren fan but I have some people I respect that like him so I wanted to give him another look. Also, I have tried a couple of the books in the “The Ancient Practices” series and have found them to be…. well….um…. lacking. However, why not give it another look? This book was my answer to this question.


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Overall, I thought this book was a decent read. The research was in depth and the deductions were of interest. There were several quotables throughout the text that made me stop and think and others that I shared to spark conversations with others.

I don’t know if I share all of the authors views of the deductions he landed at but it did stretch me to look at some new ways of thinking. I agree that the landscape (not the content) of the church is changing…. I would say this book does a good job of pondering those changes but isn’t dead on on the definition of the new landscape all the way around.

Read it…. see what you think. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

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I have to make a confession up front, I love the concept of devotionals but generaly find them lacking. Why must I admit this? It will effect my review of this book.

For instance, as a book in and of itself, I don’t know if I would recommend it. However, compared to other devotionals, this is one of the better ones.

Divided into different subjects, the author stays on target of the scope of the title by presenting Biblical based thoughts from God. I do not always agree with some of the presummed angles he takes of the characters in the writings but over all it’s well done.

If you are looking for a new devotional and just getting started, this one wouldn’t be bad. However, if you want something a little deeper, maybe look to the classics like “God Calling”.

I got a copy of this book for free from www.booksneeze.com in exchange for an honest review.



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When I do book reviews (which I have been doing more of than blogging lately… sorry about that =), I am usually doing so for books for Thomas Nelson publishers. I am also started to review books for Multnomah Publishers as well. However, this book is not from a big publishing house. A matter of fact, it was handed to me by the author and her husband as an encouragement when I  filled the pulpit at their church in the Smokies not too long back. It was a small book but in the midst of all the ones to review or for study, I did not read it immediately.

Today, I picked it up as I headed to lunch and thought I would enjoy it over some Mexican food and enjoy it I did!


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You can’t judge a book by its cover but when it comes to Max Lucado, you can tell a book by its title.

I respect Max Lucado’s ministry but must admit up front that I have not been a big fan of his books personally. It’s not the content, the content is tight…. It’s the style. I feel like I am reading a sermon series and that’s not the style of writing that clicks for me. Generally there is a neat, powerful center thought and the rest of the book tends to be supporting thoughts to drive the point.

This book fits that bill. The concept? You can (and we are called to) “out live you life” with the effect of your actions. That we are called to love and let God use us as we spend our life into others. The concepts, thoughts, and writings are well done on a very important topic that many people are not tapping into enough today.

Maybe the best way to sum up the need for this book is on the first few pages. Max Lucado notes that he was once asked three questions within the same month. If he was a Christian in Germany during the WW2, would he have made a stand against Hitler? If he was a Christian in the south during the Civil War, would he have made a stand against slavery? When your grand children realize you were alive when there were 1.75 billion people were poor and 1 billion were hungary, how will you justify your actions of today?

If you love Max Lucado book, you will love this book. If you’re not into his writing style, it might not be a smooth read. Either way, the topic at hand is too important not to take the time to read it and let the Holy Spirit challenge you in your life.

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Awhile back, we watch a presentation of “indescribable” by Louie Giglio where he does a presentation exploring the heavens. He does a great job of building and building how vast, powerful, and overwhelming God is and then brings it to the life changing reality of how in spite of this, He is mindful os us and desires a personal relationship with each of us. It is one of the favorite videos we have seen for many of those within our church.

This books does not quite you to tears concerning that reality, it does come close. The images are gorgeous and the thoughts and comments of the contributors match the theme well while adding to the experience of the book. Another aspect of the book that I admire is that it is an easy book to hand off to an unsaved friend as an outreach tool. If you have a friend who is into astronomy, this is a good find. If you have a friend who loves the whole creation vs evolution debate, this is a good find. If you have a friend who just likes to look at pictures of the stars…. well, you get the point.

I will close with my favorite quote from the book …. “I can see how it might be possible for a man to look down upon the earth and be an atheist but I cannot conceive how he could look up into the heavens and say there is no God.”

I received a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through the Booksneeze.com program in exchange for an honest review.

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