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When Jesus was speaking about John the Baptist, He said “I tell you, among those born of women none is greater than John.” (Luke 7:28)

What made John the Baptist so special? Is it simply some extra blessing that God put upon on Him or is it a life that you and I can choose ourselves today? Could it be possible that his choices and outlook are something we can adopt that can lead us to a greater way of living full of purpose and passion?

As we enter week two of our study in the gospel of John, we explore these questions as well as learn more about Jesus Himself …. the LIGHT and LIFE we desire.

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What are you called to do? What is your purpose? Is is a general calling or is it more defined? How do you find the definition of your life?

This week, we will be starting our “Mobilize” study series by looking at the three callings we have in our lives and how they shape us.

Calling to a Personal Relationship with God
Calling to Our Mission
Calling to Our Personal Role

If you struggle knowing what this life is all about and where you fit in, this would be a great study for you! We all want our lives to be a life of purpose. A life that outlasts our time on this earth.

There are many ways to spend that time but only one that God has specific for you. Enjoy the podcast as explore as we dig in together.

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The third in this series….

“While we continue to trip through different blocks that keep us from experiencing the fullness of Christ in our lives, this podcast we dig into His purpose. What is His purpose for creating us? His purpose in loving you? What is our purpose in this world?

If you have been struggling and it seems like you just can’t move forward or find your place, this might be a great one to hit.”

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