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Today’s review is a book I was very much looking forward to called “Plan B” by Pete Wilson. He is a Nashville pastor who I follow on Twitter. Over the last year I have appreciated his outlook as well as his personal touch in responding to a few direct texts for myself. So, when I found out he was coming out with his first book, I was excited.

When I first got the book, I quickly skimmed the summary and thumbed through the contents and feared I was going to be disappointed. It seemed very basic, common sense, and not as deep as I hoped. I am thrilled to report that as I dug in and read more, my first impression was way wrong! I loved this book!

With the perfect balance of true life stories, honest and open sharing from his own life, and fresh perspectives on the life application of several Biblical stories… this book cuts to the chase for any who are experiencing life in  a different way than they expected. Going through tough days? Did your dream fall apart and you’re left with the pieces? Wondering why all your intentions fell short but it still seems like God is calling you? Angry at God because life isn’t what you thought it was going to be? Snag this book! Again, I say snag this book! Simply wonderful…..

I received this book from Thomas Nelson publishing for an honest review…..

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