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In a day and age where many are sick and tired of “church” as they have known it… it gives new hope when we see Jesus was gets as upset about the same heart and attitudes in the temple in His physical life time.

As we continue the “All In” study series through the gospel of John on the teaching and life of Jesus, we come across a moment where He responds to the temples hyprocirsy, lack of love, and “buisness as usual” attitude in a zealous manner. Join us as we explore why by seeing what the Church is suppose to be verses some of the sickness we have seen around us and in our own lives.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s a lot of beauty in Church as God has designed it but in our humaness, we falter and Jesus is not silent on what we are to be and the beauty and passion when we do go for the “best stuff” as a community.

If “church” has let you down before, come see what possiblities still await you and the choices you can make to have community, purpose, and more!

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Our next struggle in life (or “cliff”) that tries to steal our joy is dealing with relationships. Many people shared they are struggling in their marriage, parent/ child relationships, singleness, friendships, and other areas when it comes to finding community.

If you find yourself struggling in any of these areas, this study is for you. Paul gives us a great block of advice in Ephesians that we will study to find freedom in our relationships.

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How can you have unity with the rest of the body of Christ when you don’t even feel plugged in anymore?

Maybe you have been out of church for awhile. Maybe you feel like the mistakes you have made are too big for Christians to accept you. Maybe you have been hurt by church, a pastor, or other Christians before.

None the less, you remember what it was like before the disconnect. You remember that once upon a time, there was real community, real love, and real benefit to being in relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ. It just seems hard to get back to…..

Peter understands. We understand. This study is a realistic look at the things that make us feel disconnected and how we can get back the freedom in Christian community we once enjoyed.

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It seems that this time of year is when I start hearing people (from within and outside our church) start talking about not feeling like they are still part of their church family which often leads to changing churches or pulling back.

It usually starts with phrases like “It just doesn’t feel the same any more”, “No one really hangs out with me or talks to me anymore.”, or similar statements.

If you are in this boat, let me throw this observation out to you as there seems to be a trend when talking to folks struggling with these thoughts.

The reason I hear it more during this time of year is because it’s late spring/ early summer. There seems to be a snowball effect most of the time I am in these conversations sparked by this.

– We are all coming out of winter into a normal season that puts us in the mood for change.

– We walk into that season by getting more busy with moves, activities, family events, travel, cook outs and the like and for some…. we skip church to do these events. This takes us from a season of being plugged into the church community around us to being more pulled back.

– Often times, this starts a feeling of disconnect and we find ourselves struggling to plug into church community even when there is nothing on the schedule.

– Then we feel like we don’t fit in anymore and start feeling more like an orphan than a family member.

In many cases, this is a subtle plan of the enemy to separate you from the community God called you to. If he can get you to pull back some, the snow ball effect happens naturally.

Let me suggest going against the grain. If you once felt like your church community was a place of love, friendship, and refreshed you and you could contribute…. plug back in! There can be other reasons but for the most part, it should be you making the first step back in to get the community you love back.

I have a friend who almost left our church about three years ago. It was a time of change in our church as well as in her life. After we talked and she prayed about it, she plugged back in. She not only stayed coming to church, she started calling people and inviting them to do things. In a very short time, her relationships were stronger than ever and it had real life changes for her family as well.

Consider this before leaving your church. If God leads you someplace new, that’s awesome! However, if it’s your own discontent, you might have the control to plug back in.

And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works,not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.” Hebrew 10: 24-25

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Our study continues on how to get the full life of God’s purpose by looking at being “capable” (or equipped). So many people are trying to live day to day when God has more for you! We hope you dig in more as we look at what we have and need to be mobilized in this life for so much more!

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We had an awesome Easter morning! If you couldn’t make it, here’s the teaching portion from that day!

This week’s study focuses on being authentic living as individuals and a church family. The world has seen enough fake in the realm of Christianity and Christ has a better way! The message of the Cross and the power of the Resurrection leads to an authentic life that is better than what some of us have experienced or have been shown.



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The third in this series….

“While we continue to trip through different blocks that keep us from experiencing the fullness of Christ in our lives, this podcast we dig into His purpose. What is His purpose for creating us? His purpose in loving you? What is our purpose in this world?

If you have been struggling and it seems like you just can’t move forward or find your place, this might be a great one to hit.”

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