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Victim Mentality

I was doing some on-line surfing and started to look at articles concerning people with a “victim mentality”. I have come across several people in my life with this learned behavior and it never goes well. They usually have a small band of friends who will die for each other no matter what reality is and will never hold each other accountable. Everyone else in life can be a good friend for years but sooner or later, when something goes wrong, you are the scapegoat and things get ugly fast. So many people get hurt and relationships are never the same.

The good news is, as stated above, this is a learned behavior. It tends to be a defense mechanism and if you can identify that you have it, it is changeable. It could be a simple as making a choice to not to do it anymore but often it needs a little help from a counselor or a professional to work it through.

Either way, you don’t have to live with a “victim’s mentality” and the negative and painful effects it brings into your life.


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